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Naruto Uzumaki
21-07-2021 20:21

I am not sure why popups on logins are still there but they are considered as a red flag for many people, I know some websites with popups that I avoid just because of this, this is similarly true even if I get a notification that a popup was blocked.

New people joining the game might consider this red flag as well, so I think it would be a good idea to remove it.
Mr. Addy
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21-07-2021 20:22

21-07-2021 21:08

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21-07-2021 22:35

I said the same in chat a while ago, please! <3

You can leave the option of the popup for those that use it.
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22-07-2021 02:08

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22-07-2021 11:51

I do not see why this could not be a thing. the reasoning is very true and the ability to do it would be there. I am all for this small change.
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22-07-2021 12:31

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22-07-2021 13:36

Yes please.
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22-07-2021 14:15

I Allow and use the popup I never use it in a browser window. prefer it being full screen vs tiny in a tab.
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