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18-07-2021 22:35

Add the DDs of fighters dying during a boss fight to the bosses loot distribution instead of dropping them on the ground.
(e.g. distribute per each single item: every fighter (cylce through them) has a small chance to get it -> basically every survivor will get different bits and pieces of the DD)

That could create a fun dynamic and actually could get Anders fights going again.
This is not a joke.

Edit: Expand on Stormz Idea

- Randomly distrubute the DD items into body bags (e.g. half as many as surviving fighters)
- Add the body bags to the drop list (e.g. every fighter has 50% chance to get one)
= shorter drop list
= person who died doesn't know who got what

Edited on 18-07-2021 23:05
Mr. Addy
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18-07-2021 22:48

Good idea

Also gets rid of those pesky vultures
18-07-2021 22:54

I had a similar idea.

You have all seen the huge drop lists when 10 or 20 players kill a boss.

Get an anthas / kark / Golgol anders chest at the end.

Then open it after the fight. If a player dies, add their DD to the inside contents of the chest.

You got:
364 gold ore,
145 Iron Ore,
1 Locked Tirnus Chest,
3 rocks
4 obsidian hands +3aim
1 longboat.

You get the picture...

Would save on the mahhoosive drop lists... I was at 60% zoom the other day just to take a snip of it...
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18-07-2021 22:57

Yes, this was always fun in other games and definately adds value to any boss tables.
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18-07-2021 23:01

Good idea!
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18-07-2021 23:03

+1 very cool
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18-07-2021 23:05

18-07-2021 23:33

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19-07-2021 02:03

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19-07-2021 07:03

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19-07-2021 10:19

Nope otherwise you'll have to add this to all group fights and also to every combat location.

Edited on 19-07-2021 11:37
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19-07-2021 11:00

Creative idea.

Having said that. I am against the idea that someone can't retrieve his own DD. If there are no vultures its quite doable on most bosses to get to the location within minutes giving you a good chance to retrieve your own items.

Also its not possible anymore for lower levels to take a chance on a boss while having a clannie watch over their DD when it goes wrong as all items would go to those in the fight.
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19-07-2021 11:06

I disagree .. if u don't want to lose your stuff to the vultures. 1- store all nonessential item's in a house. 2- Dont fight the bosses.

Only ones opinion tho . . 😉

Edited on 19-07-2021 11:07
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John Dryden
19-07-2021 11:42

I like the concept somewhat but I will also say no.

firstly I would not say you NEED to add this feature to every location and group fight. Bosses are not your regular fights they do not need to follow the same conventions and like wise normal fights and group fights do not need to follow convention of bosses.

with that said the reason I am a no is I feel it will deter more from at atleast trying or attempting bosses if there is no chance of recovering their DD. on another note might get more people going for the death drops especially if not all the DD is collected in one fight.

could maybe have it for much higher bosses or specially designed ones but I would either have it for all or none at all and as it is I dunno how I feel about it. kinda 50 50 on it

Edited on 19-07-2021 11:46
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Naruto Uzumaki
19-07-2021 12:00

While it sounds cool, I don't believe the devs have the time or ability to code something like this without creating a lot of dumpster fires while making sure its bug free.

Edited on 19-07-2021 12:01
Liu Bei
21-07-2021 17:55

Yes, good idea. Maybe not all the full DD in one fight, but random distribution.
~Liu Bei~
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22-07-2021 20:40

No. Unless it’s added to all group fights
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22-07-2021 22:08

I'm having a hard time deciding.
Am I for the redistribution of wealth from the high level fighters in this game? Definitely!
Would this just make the rich richer cause the really high level fighters most likely won't die in boss fights... they'll just keep collecting the mid-high level fighters stuff as they die?

Think I have talked myself into a big big NO from me.
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23-07-2021 00:21

I like what J said.

No from me too.
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23-07-2021 02:55

No. You don't get that for fighting at normal locations, nor dragons, nor other group fights. No to bosses. Dying happens, I don't see why the fighters should get precedence vs someone else at that location, even if they are vulturing. Let it hit the ground.

Edited on 23-07-2021 05:04
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23-07-2021 16:41

J has tipped my thoughts after reading through my 50 50 has turned to a no as well. reasoning is basically whats been said so far.
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