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17-07-2021 17:11

For more details contact myself or Dregozone.
Everyone should be respected as an individual, but no one idolized.

The difference between stupidity and genius is that genius has its limits
Both by Albert Einstein

[2]08:49 (Mod)Moderator: Pawned by Vipers :(
Mr. Addy
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17-07-2021 18:35

your raws, my raws????
I am the Bane and i bring the Pain.

R.I.P murderdoll22
R.I.P Marley

Success has many fathers and failure is an Orphan.

Pain is Temporary Pride is Forever.

G Bob
17-07-2021 21:41

My raws, your raws, Durins raws????
I Hate the dude called: I Hate BOB!

[W]09:02 Bex[TLO]: haha you rock! made me giggle for real xD

[W]16:18 fraggelmupp[TLO]: we are the normal ones, the rest of the world are just squares :P
17-07-2021 23:30

My raws, your raws, durins raws, Bobs raws????

Edited on 17-07-2021 23:31
Critical hit: You struck and dealt 99 damage to the Yeti. 0/60
Anarcho FooBear
17-07-2021 23:47

Rawitdaba da bang da bang diggy diggy?
[2] 05:58 Twitxhy[*TF*]: stop being poor
[2]14:53 Amr[World]: this is called autism
You have married Marley!

0/110 Anders the Deserter uses Vital Strike, striking a devastating blow on zooF and did 110 damage.
Only users can reply.

Forum -> Market -> Raws for future cooked.

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