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Anarcho FooBear
17-07-2021 06:28

1.) A creature that matches its stats to the person fighting it and has different drops depending on CL ranges

2.) Creatures that take specific gear to fight efficiently I.E. a creature that hits lower if you're using a chainmail instead of a plate or has no defence if you're above a certain power

3.) "Elite" monsters that spawn after you kill a certain number of creatures at a location, significantly higher level but with much better rates for better loot

Any other ideas you want to share?
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17-07-2021 09:08

Theoretically you could apply a speed debuff to certain armours so that as you level you switch from heavy armour to mitigate damage to lighter more nimble armour to increase exp but that will never happen
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17-07-2021 10:52

I have discussed a lot about a possibility of having armour and weapons act differently on creatures of specific types.

example being a sword would be literally ineffective vs gamans but a hammer or blunt weapon like a club or dino weapon would be far more effective.

I like Banes idea of heavy armour having a speed penalty of some kind that could again factor in either how often one hits or mitigates damage or something along those lines.

Having the ability to create a need for weapons tools and armour that you have out grown without taking a massive penalty for using them would be such a neat update to combat and the ideas here would be so fun to implement.
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17-07-2021 15:29

not a fan sorry, no
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17-07-2021 15:47

1.) People will cry because it would end up costing more food than the drops would be worth, so they'd also never fight them.

2.) Creatures that take specific gear to fight efficiently <-- Isn't that how bosses are now?

3.) People will end up dying a lot because of afk combat and cry again.

It seems like pretty much all the updates anymore are for combat, and most of the people who do combat enjoy crying for various reasons.
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17-07-2021 16:21

Personally I see no issues with it in theory, shaking up the meta of the game is never a bad idea as long as the return is worth it.

I already was toying with a full combat overhaul proposal moving towards the RPG familiar three types of damage (Blunt/Pierce/Slashing) with armours having different values for each and weapons doing different kinds. Monsters would then have better armour or offensive power against those types. It then also creates a PvP tactical element of picking the right armour and weapon combination you think is most likely to work as opposed to what right now is just the universally better, full plate armour, shield and axe/sword technique.
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Forum -> Feedback -> New Creature Concepts

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