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16-07-2021 18:53

Since we've gotten into a routine with the Emma fight I'd figure I'd post the fight schedules here. Emma can be fought every 10 hours but to simplify things we've been fighting her at these times to keep a consistent schedule with a big enough group.

04:30 & 18:00

Please check the boss chat and confirm with people before entering the fight. The 04:30 boss fight might be off a bit depending on how long the 18:00 boss fight takes.
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19-07-2021 12:25

Can we adjust the times to earlier or a bit later? I am working during first time and sleep 95% of the time for the second time. I understand the need for big numbers to fight her, just wondering about wiggle room in the times

Edited on 19-07-2021 23:27
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Forum -> Bosses Board -> Emma Fight Times

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