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Anarcho FooBear
16-07-2021 09:50

As some people may have been aware, I have been creating combat simulations in order to help current and new players find where the best place for them to combat may be and if certain places are worth visiting.

The creation of these simulations mean I need to be accurate on the levels of creatures as well as the mechanics of combat in this game.

Due to previous events involving the game, I have what appears to be accurate mechanics and; due to the simplicity of the early game; accurate stat numbers for a majority of locations/creatures.

While the creatures seem accurate upon testing, there is still a little guess work involved on their exact levels.

After further inspection of the creatures and levels I have added I noticed certain patterns in the Borneo creatures (new ogre, new elf, new spiders, pura gaman) but more specifically the new ogre, sorer king, and pura gaman.


This new ogre was (briefly) a level 28 creature with 36 hp.
it is now a level 25 creature with 36 hp for reasons unknown.

the pattern is seen when looking at the (expected) stats of the creature.

when it was level 28 its (expected) stats would have been 22-22-22-30
The creature is now (expected) to be 19-19-19-30.

This made me wonder if the creature was instead supposed to be level 27 with 30 hp, a seemingly normal creature with (expected) stats of 22-22-22-25.

While not an amazing creature still, it would have been in line with other creatures such as the oviraptor with (expected) stats of 18-18-18-20 or the hadrosaurus with (expected) stats of 19-19-19-25.

Sorer Spiders:

The new spiders (Sorer King and Sorer Scary Spider) as you all know made sorer more or less a ghost town.

The sorer king with (expected) stats of 17-17-17-23 was a toned down version of the new ogre, but when viewed next to the sorer queen with (expected) stats of 16-16-16-16 you can see there was a kind of pattern for progression so I decided to check the stats of the sorer king if its HP was supposed to be 23.

This lead me to either a CL 20 creature with (expected) stats of 17-17-17-19 or a CL 21 creature with (expected) stats of 18-18-18-19

clearly either of those two can fit and the 17-17-17-19 variant is CL 20.8 so a level anywhere would increase its CL.

The sorer scary spider has (expected) stats of 18-18-18-30 as it is a level lower than the jotunghul currently.

Again, as we did with the jotunghul, adjusting the stats so it would have had 30 hp would make it 18-18-18-25 and level 23.

Just a copy paste of the jutunghul with a -1 to everything except health, so I expect this to be the same error as the jotunghul originally.

Puranium Gaman:

at CL 122 and 125 HP this creature is easier to overlook than the previously mentioned creatures, moistly because the (expected) typo for HP isn't making up such a large percentage of total hp.

this creature's (expected) stats would currently be 100-100-100-111

before I continue, you need some background for my next suggestion.

Steel gaman are CL 52 with 51 hp and (expected) stats of 44-44-44-44
Gold gaman are CL 66 with 63 hp and (expected) stats of 55-55-55-55
Platina gaman are CL 79 with 75 hp and (expected) stats of 66-66-66-66
Syriet gaman are CL 92 with 87 hp and (expected) stats of 77-77-77-77
Obsidian gaman are CL 105 with 99 hp and (expected) stats of 88-88-88-88

Now from this and the fact it has level 111 health I assume it would have been a creature with (expected) stats of 99-99-99-99 which would make it CL 118 with 111 hp.

the 100s I can explain as if it were a 100-100-100-100 creature it would be CL 120, the same level as pura, and somewhere the lines got crossed and it was gonna end up with (expected) stats of 100-100-100-99 and CL 119.

So my questions for everyone is would revamping those creatures to the suggested numbers bring more interest back into those locations?

Do you think it really was just an error he doubled down on or was it made this way intentionally?

Are there other suggestions (other than just removing the new ogre, spiders, and elf as I've asked for years with nothing) to make these locations less dreadful?

Thanks for reading

Edited on 16-07-2021 11:06
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Mr. Addy
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16-07-2021 11:18

Very interesting read, thanks.

I do not think that the new creature stats were typos or other errors so to say, as the developers changed and simply may have different preferences for (potentially patterned) statistics.

It is a shame to see that formerly decent locations, notably Sorer Lair and Ogre Town, suffered in terms of loot, exp/hr and especially players present. The intention may have been to distribute players to other locations, not necessarily by making the unpopular combat locations more attractive, but less -less- attractive, by means of adding newly buffed creatures and adjusting loot tables in the popular ones.

Personally I have perhaps one or two remarks/suggestions as per adjusting combat locations based on your post:
It seems like combat creatures have balanced stats, at least it looks like a terrible coincidence that the individual combat stats are equal. I do not think that the same counts for generally all creatures; e.g. dinos, as I have noticed that Stemos may occasionally hit higher numbers than Roods, which potentially coincides with the statistics of their respective looted weapons.
Thus it may be interesting to adjust the parameters of regular creatures, so that one would for example be occasionally caught out by relatively high hits when strength levels of mobs are increased (at the cost of other statistics). This may impede with AFK-training, at least at relatively low defence/health levels, depending on the distribution/chance of relatively high hits. On the other hand, since higher strength of mobs would come at the cost of other stats (health and defence for example), they may be easier to take down at sufficient player combat levels therefore increasing hourly exp.

The other option to revitalize combat locations would of course be adjusting drops, which already has occurred numerous times recently, but due to my unfamiliarity with locations besides Ogre Town I will leave that open for discussion.
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16-07-2021 12:43

I'm 99% certain it was intentional.
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16-07-2021 13:52

I'm 100% it will never be looked at. Too busy working on those new flower images ;)
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16-07-2021 19:16

Sorer: increase drop rates. Savage did a week there and his drop total at the end was a disgrace…
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16-07-2021 20:05

I agree with you completely. These creatures were brought in solely to hurt the combat skill (as I can't imagine they decided to make new creatures at popular spots and put zero thought into them). Sorer is completely pointless for anyone to fight at unless they simply like bad exp. The other places are bad too, but man, Sorer is sad.

Either nerf all combat locations and kill the game further, or revert these changes (even if you just bring the new creatures to their expected levels following the actual formula). Right now it's just inconsistent and appears like the numbers were generated without a single thought toward them.

Edited on 16-07-2021 20:07
16-07-2021 22:01

Hmm my Sorer idea...

Remove the new mobs at Sorer, and make only soft silks drop at the afkable spot. Also boost meat drops further. Make this spot be a really good place for low level fighters to gain okay exp but also when they run out of HP they can use the meats for cooking exp and return back to combat.

Create a second internal location there (Enter the Nest), when you enter have text warning of very dangerous spiders and to use extreme caution.

This second spot will be a random dark cave like arch 2 with CL 100-150 spiders(solo only) that are the only ones that drop hard silks and spider spit. Other interesting drops could be added but silks and spit and a higher level spider meat should be the main point of fighting here.

Now handle silks differently, instead of the silk drop being what you use to +dura gear... make it so you have to gather something like 10 soft silks and 5 hard silks + spider spit to create Steelweave Silk, this silk you can use to +1 dura almost any item. If you lose that dura you can use another one to boost the dura back up forever.

Idea being if you want to have an item never break you can, but it will come at the cost of these hard to get spider spit(or whatever sounds much cooler)

A second +dura item can be made as well Waterproof Silk. This silk will be made with 10 soft silk and 2 hard silk, what it is used for is to either give like +15 or +20 dura to fishing tools, it cannot be reused like Steelweave silk.

Another option for them would be a way to upgrade normal nets and rods into spider silk variants that have more dura as well.
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Creepers gonna creep
16-07-2021 22:04

You have fun ideas, Ex. I like the idea of Hardened Silk being rarer and harder to obtain, without just making it a rarer drop at the same place.
16-07-2021 23:35

Defo like Ex' idea, sounds interesting
17-07-2021 00:18

Love the idea bagder, except id rather see new tools with timer reduction for fishing rather then the same old rod. Been saying something for a spider silk net for ages to give them a use and reason to fight at that rediculously nerfed place.
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