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13-07-2021 22:37

[7] 22:55 wikid[InGen]: 5x Warrior insignia level 1, 3x Warrior insignia level 2, 5000 Gold..... and
[7] 22:55 wikid[InGen]: 10 Warrior token 5 Obsidian bars 1 Ancient wood 1 Jade
[7] 22:57 wikid[InGen]: and u need 16x all that for the set

wikid gained 1 woodcutting exp from fighting one creature while wearing Borealum boots. We assume it works like a dragon suit, in that more pieces will increase the bonus exp.

The armour also requires level 100 defence to wear. Each Borealum bar requires a Borealum insignia collection, which can be made at Rima City University - Archives, and the bars can be smithed into armour at Tirnus Cave - North Cavern.

Tirnus Exchange Office:

Borealum boots and hands both give 26 Armour.
Borealum tunic gives 72 Armour.

Borealum hood:
Borealum shield:
Borealum tunic:
Borealum legs:
Borealum hands:
Borealum boots:

Edited on 23-07-2021 18:03
[3] 18:38 Foxy[~one~]: *pushes all out of the way* no squishing my son >:(

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Mr. Addy
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14-07-2021 00:11

the bar is crafted using magic at the Rima city - university - University of Magic ; it is a link under the "Create magic item" - "1 Borealum bars" ; not sure of the lvl but i would suspect around lvl 60 ; you need to have all of the items mentioned above ; if i remember correctly, it gave 1k magic xp

Tintin2007 suggested borrowing the borealum hands ; i gained 2 xp (out of 180 - fighting an invasion gsg) with either the boots or hands ; wearing both i gained 3 xp (out of 180)

the suit can be enchanted with +aim ; i did not try armor, power, or speed, but i would suspect those were all possible (see Tintin2007's post below about silking)

Edited on 16-07-2021 14:23
14-07-2021 00:55

Wow, is that real? A level 100 defense combat set gives woodcutting experience? What a useless armour set.
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Anascan and Proud
15-07-2021 14:10

So far we have concluded:

The requirements to make a Borealum Bar are:

10 Warrior Tokens,
1 Borealum Insignia,
1 Ancient Wood,
5 Obsidian Bars,
1 Jade,

Once the above materials have been gathered you can then create the Borealum Bar with magic at Rima City University of Magic.

I have created 1 at level 101 Magic, Iota has created 1 at level 72 Magic and Masque created 1 at level 73 magic. The minimum level has not been identified yet. However 1000 Magic exp is gained for making the bar.

To obtain Warrior Tokens and Insignias, you need to defeat Level 1 and Level 2 bosses. (Note: Emma does not drop any tokens or insignias.)

Also to obtain a Borealum Insignia you need to defeat Level 1 and Level 2 Bosses, then exchange:
5 Level 1 Warrior Tokens,
3 Level 2 Warrior Tokens,
At the Tirnus Exchange Office at Rima City Archives.


The amount of bars required to make a suit are:

Borealum hands (1 Borealum bars) - 1000 Smithing Exp Gained.
Borealum legs (3 Borealum bars) - ???? Smithing Exp Gained.
Borealum shield (4 Borealum bars) - ???? Smithing Exp Gained.
Borealum tunic (5 Borealum bars) - ???? Smithing Exp Gained.
Borealum hood (2 Borealum bars) - ???? Smithing Exp Gained.
Borealum boots (1 Borealum bars) - 1000 Smithing Exp Gained.
All in, a total of 16 Bars is required for a suit.

Also the bars are smithed into your choosing at Tirnus Anvil. The links are only present if you have a Borealum Bar in your inventory.
No minimum level has yet been identifed.

Thankz_ to Wikid, Iota, Tintin2007 for the information !
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16-07-2021 14:00

You can't upgrade your Borealum hands with Hardened spider silk because it appears to be imbued with powerful magic.
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19-07-2021 13:26

[2] 13:25 Mr Rng[CFH]: You also gained 2 woodcutting experience from your Borealum armour!
[2] 13:25 Mr Rng[CFH]: to see the new tunic in action
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23-07-2021 12:48

The Borealum shield was perfectly smithed; it is 5 times as durable!
4k exp for a bor shield.
23-07-2021 17:11

This is not intentional functionality for bonus durability to be applied to Borealum (via silks or other items) or received on the armour through its construction process.

We are aware of this issue and the functionality will be removed in due course.
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24-07-2021 06:19

Nirv, if they don't remove the item/change it to normal durability for you, that Borealum Shield +5 dura might end up being one of the most valuable items in the game.
26-07-2021 03:20

[2] 03:16 Mr Rng[CFH]:
[3] 18:38 Foxy[~one~]: *pushes all out of the way* no squishing my son >:(

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Forum -> Help -> Borealum Armour Info

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