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08-06-2021 12:36

You cannot put horses and mules in houses (in real life), so we need to be able to add stables to our houses.

Edited on 10-06-2021 12:45
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21 August 2020
Mr. Addy
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08-06-2021 14:29

What? You're unable to put your horses in your house?
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08-06-2021 14:31

I think she means in real life.

This is a game, not real life and you can put horses in a game house so no need for stables.
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Naruto Uzumaki
08-06-2021 16:50

I think it would be fun to see such an implementation and it can be expanded upon quite a bit more.
08-06-2021 23:22

Horse breeding and training, different mount timer reductions etc could be added from this kind of thing, so yes.
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Forum -> Feedback -> Stables with houses

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