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07-06-2021 20:44

Hi all, so from time to time I like to make maps! I've been doing this for a while now, but it only just occured to me that I could try my hand at remaking some of the maps we have on this game. So where best to start than good ol' Remer?

Here's version 1 of the current map I have made

Thoughts and feedback welcome!

Edited on 07-06-2021 20:45
~Sol~ :D

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07-06-2021 20:46

I love it!!
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07-06-2021 20:57

Its cool, but doesnt seem syrnia-like.
[2]10:45 Cradle[TLO]: Dont forget the part where the Pond guy sells the boat for Pond prices, back to the previous owner. ;)

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07-06-2021 21:54

This map is inaccurate Makarov isn't at Sanfew.
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07-06-2021 22:01

The icons you include with the city banners are a lovely touch.
Especially love how you keep it unique by putting them on the sides for senyn & valera, but putting one on top for eully.
07-06-2021 22:39

I like it
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07-06-2021 23:25

That is very cool, thank you for sharing.
Naruto Uzumaki
08-06-2021 11:16

Looks great, but doesn't match the overall theme of Syrnia.
08-06-2021 20:52

Themes can change. Maps can change.
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Liu Bei
08-06-2021 22:11

Nice idea, but would require all maps to change to fit the same theme.
~Liu Bei~
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08-06-2021 22:24

I like the effort! 10/10!
Sending Good Vibes from Vibes!!
09-06-2021 20:26

I'm not sure why his version would need to fit the "theme" of Syrnia. Doesn't seem like he was proposing we use this map.

But I love it. Good work.
10-06-2021 05:24

Very well done!
10-06-2021 22:01

Very nice work 🙂
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Forum -> Off-Topic -> Remer gets a face lift!

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