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02-06-2021 00:45

unsure where to post this, so here will do

I like to design in my free time and thought i'd style syrnia a litte better, comments welcome but was just for fun

First I edited the thieving and health stat icons

Then try a few pickaxes
(ogre, candy & gold)

(not a suggestion to change things, just wanted to try something different)

Mr. Addy
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02-06-2021 11:22

I like the ideas, one thing I would suggest if you feel like tweaking keeping to the style and theme of syrnia would be good. the picks are a bit cartoony compared to the current design and would not exactly fit the feel to the game and just look out of place.

other than that keep it up if you do any more please share it would be great to see.
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02-06-2021 15:11

They look very nice! I do think the ogre pick is a tad “Minecrafty” but nevertheless well done
02-06-2021 18:35

At least the candy design above from OP is actually at the same consistent angle as all the others...
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03-06-2021 12:36

Thanks for your comments! so i've tried to take them on board and make them less "cartoony" which will come due to me working in pixels (hence the minecraft comparison) xD and not actually "drawing" them so to speak.

Just removing the black boarder and adding a little less block colours has given them a less cartoon feel. I've put one on a black background to compare to how it would look in the inventory.
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