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29-05-2021 21:10

Hi there,

Just thought I'd put out an idea that I discussed a couple of months ago with some other players on the world chat.

The first thing I noticed when I started playing this game (more importantly when I first got involved in combat) - was that there were no pictures of the creatures that I was fighting - but there were pictures of everything else I did. Mining, woodcutting etc.

Anyway, I think it would be great to see a picture of the creatures - and it also presents an opportunity for the players to get involved. The game staff could make this easy for themselves by hosting a competition to the creative players - offering worthwhile incentives to really get some people on board to design and create some great graphic art of our creatures.

It would be so good to see our very own players creativity each time we are fighting, and I think it would certainly be an exciting opportunity if the game staff did take on board the suggestion to open it up to the public to get creative and submit some fresh designs.

Anyway thats about it, hope you consider it at least
Mr. Addy
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Mr Tiddles
29-05-2021 22:13

the original creator of syrnia did this. he had monster images for most everything. (M2H)

however due to being a 16 year old kid in highschool with limited knowledge on art the images weren't the greatest so they were removed?

throughout the years here in syrnia slowly but surely the images for creatures have been teased at every few holidays with 1 or 2 of the creatures having an image.
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29-05-2021 23:00

Like the "Beta Gnome" was pretty cool...

Agree though would be nice to bring in some pictures while combating.
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29-05-2021 23:29

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10-06-2021 21:37

Return the ogre who liked carrots in an uncomfy place. You all know this picture right?In other words if no lag added if returned ...

Removed or deleted oh so knowledgeable Mr Tiddles.

If removed still in database a simple thing for coder /artist to REPLACE them right? So removed or deleted?

Edited on 10-06-2021 21:39
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15-06-2021 05:12
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