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The Godfather
12-05-2021 18:28

Hello all

I live in SEA(south-east Asia/pacific) and I started having issues with my connection to Syrnia about 2 months back and it started showing me some
"Error via cloudflare singapore".

I have heard a lot of players asking around in chats regarding this issue, and today I was told "Update, there is nothing to update.". I am sure there is something that can be done...

I personally have 3 solutions to this problem, I do not know how useful they will be for you but they have helped me well to counter this problem.

1. <-- a software by cloudflare, it does something to your dns and improves the connection to Syrnia. (This stopped working for me untill 4 days back which was around 8th of may, 2021)

2. Cellular data via hotspot from your phone, This issue is happening specifically when you're connected to wifi. A Phone connected to wifi will be laggy and switching to 3g-4g will have no lag. (My ISP isn't the issue but I think something to do with cloudflare Singapore issue with wifi)

3. VPN - You can use any of the hundreds of vpn softwares/providers and connect it to the game via Europe for best result for a stable connection to Syrnia.

FREE VPN - I couldn't really find a reliable vpn for free. However! I can suggest you to use Opera browser and it has an extension from opera, that provides you with unlimited vpn service. I chose the Europe option and the game has been working just fine for me!!

I hope this helps you.
Good luck and Enjoy!
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Young Modulus
16-06-2021 11:38

wow! im from SEA as well. Recently connection is quite bad for me.

1. sometimes botcheck no pic
2. sometimes timer stop at 0
3. longer login time
4. chat freeze

I think i will try Opera as Ankit mentioned. Hopefully it working fine =(
16-06-2021 14:01

Thanks for finding a solution to this Game issue.
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Dark Nero
16-06-2021 16:31

Firstly awesome job on this until a solution is done. very great job mate.

for those interested in seeing if Opera can help you.

install the browser as you would any other then follow these steps.

Go to your Settings (Alt+P).

Select Advanced in the left sidebar, and click Features.

Under VPN, toggle Enable VPN to be on.

once done you will see the VPN Badge to the left of the addresds bar which when clicked will show all your VPN info.

I hope this helps those who are struggling with access to the game.
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Oom Thys
20-09-2021 19:07

Started using a vpn and chose to connect from the Netherlands. Haven't had a single sticky timer the whole day so far. Thx!
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G Bob
22-09-2021 11:08

worked for me. Operas vpn changed to europe. cool thanks
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22-09-2021 15:47

Sad opera is trash on my samsung no fix he4e then :/
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The Godfather
22-09-2021 18:45

For phones, do make sure that in the options, when you click on vpn, make you you untick the box that says "use vpn for private tabs only".

It's turned on by default sometimes, so make sure to turn that off, so that the vpn works while you are using normal tabs and not just incongito mode.
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