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03-05-2021 18:42

Official Contest #128 - A quest for writers

Greetings Syrnians,

As part of the Piracy 2.0 process, which is still ongoing, we are looking at introducing a few new quests to the game. One such thing on our radar to tie into this process, we are looking at creating a simple quest as a basic introduction on "How to be a pirate", in essence it's intended to give a walk through of how to contribute to the Stockhouse, training of pirates and things like that which we would like to use in game methods with a goal of educating new pirates of how this all works. In working on this, we'd like to provide the opportunity to the players to be able to see what you can come up with and invite you to submit suggestions for the text.

We'd like to create a quest with five stages:

Stage 1 - The NPC welcomes the player to Skull and offers to teach them the basics of Syrnia piracy
Stage 2 - The NPC will ask the player to retrieve some resources for them
Stage 3 - The NPC will then ask the player to retrieve some additional resources
Stage 4 - The Player will be tasked to train a pirate or build a boat or something (similar to how you all clear trash from Calmere, so they will be training/building a simulated pirate or boat)
Stage 5 - Finally, the player is asked to practice a fight against some pirates just to test their sword arm.
After that, complete, rewards.

Each stage has three components to it:
Quest Text - The text to be provided to the player as the introduction and talking about whats going on.
Accepted/Completion - The text provided to the player if they accept or complete the quest
Rejection - The text provided to the player if they refuse or choose not to proceed.

We'd like to see what you can come up with for this. Players are encouraged to create any appropriate dialog from the NPC to the player as well as descriptions just to help build the scene but the important thing is that this is supposed to be like a tutorial of sorts so it should explain how Piracy works. We've not detailed what we are expecting the players to collect or the task to be performed, leaving it open to you the writers. Anyone is allowed to submit text, you don't have to be a pirate. Submissions don't need to be formatted and we can appreciate that English isn't everyone's first language.

The winning result shall be included in the finished quest and also receive a prize. Please note that we may need to make amendments to the text itself either for formatting, technical reasons, correction of any errors or other factors but will keep in contact with the winner as necessary to ensure the theme of their submission remains intact. We may also choose to award prizes for other strong submissions that didn't quite make the cut.

Now for the boring bit, the rules:

1 - ONE entry per player. Any additional entries will be rejected.
2 - All submissions should be posted as topic replies on this thread, any sent in other ways will be discounted.
3 - Closing date for submissions is 00:00 Syrnia Time on Monday 17th May
4 - As per game rules, all submissions must be in English (or Pirate in places).
5 - Submissions may include the names of NPCs added to the game or made up NPCs of your choice however mentions of specific players be they past or present should not be used.
6 - Try to keep submissions down to below 1200 words where possible (although if this is proving difficult we may raise this cap.

If there are any questions as to the rules of this contest, please contact me directly or discuss on a separate thread. I will answer and post any questions received (keeping you anonymous of course) and their answers on a follow up post just in case anyone else is wondering.
This is the story of a man named Stanley.
Mr. Addy
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03-05-2021 18:42

This is the story of a man named Stanley.
Blackout Vision
03-05-2021 19:10

Stage 1: Red chat: Arr Matey, ready to join the scurvy and pillage towns? Choices: (Accept) Aye or (Decline) Nay. Aye: Arrr, Captain Keelhail shall be waiting for ye matey at Skull Nose. Nay: Stop wasting my time Cor Blimey.

Stage 2: Meet with Captain Keelhail: "Ahoy matey, fish me mates 500 fish for their hard plundering." "Fish 500 fish at (pirate fishing location)" *Might need to fish more than 500 for next cooking event depending on burnt rate*

Stage 3: Return to Captain Keelhail: Arr, thank you Matey, Cook the fish for the big feast. " Cook 500 fish (of choice *Sardines, trout, etc*) at (pirate cooking location)" When finished with task meet with Captain Hook at (said pirate location)

Stage 4: Red Chat: "Talk to Captain Hook" Ello puppet, Build me ya finest ship *Build a "insert Sloop/Boat/Pirate ship* (New Boat) and return to me when completed* When completed: "Arr, done job well scurvy, one final task to earn some bounty"

Stage 5: Meet with Captain Keelhail: "Good ol scurvy; ready for ye fight?" *Fight 100 pirates (Mixed pirates 10cb-30cb)* Completion text: Arrr, mighty fine pirate you are, welcome aboard

Reward: 5000 gold, -10 negative fame, *possible new pirate item*

*feel free to use any parts from this for yours, just something I thought of sitting here bored*
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