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02-05-2021 16:26

Due date is may 21 but my wife tends to come early did with our other two boys

the person with the closest guess, and time wins 10k gold

Thank you may the best person win

EDIT: Baby hasn't still arrived

Congrats CrazyChick09 on winning my son arrived at 330p May the 8th will catch up with you to do the trade whenever we are both available "

(Thanks for playing all)

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Love All!
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02-05-2021 17:57

May 19th 19:08 game time
Oh... and grats!!

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02-05-2021 18:15


I'll go with my birthday - may 16th at 05:45

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02-05-2021 19:40

May 18th 13:05
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02-05-2021 19:55

May 22

8:00 am
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02-05-2021 20:32

May 20th at 3pm your time

02-05-2021 22:07

may 11th 4 am your time
02-05-2021 22:12

May 9th 7:03am
03-05-2021 00:50

May 14th 05:00AM
03-05-2021 03:12

May 17th @ 2am your time
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03-05-2021 03:21

May 13th at 5:34AM your time!

I love my US Navy sailor! Thanks to all who have served or are serving!

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You're missed, Farinsongteeth. Always.
03-05-2021 07:31

No entry on my part just wanted to say congrats!
03-05-2021 08:43

May 20th which is my birthday <3 12:32 PM Your time

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03-05-2021 10:44

May the 20th 3am your time
Blackout Vision
03-05-2021 18:03

may 18th 13:40 game time
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Forum -> Player Competitions -> 5k to the winner (when will my son be born

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