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Forum -> Feedback -> Share feature to World chat from Tutorial.

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02-05-2021 07:55

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[5] 04:22 (Guide)Rich[-CR-]: Duckerz it is because you are still in the tutorial. only chat available there is Help Chat
[5] 04:22 Duckerz: And noted I will share once I get off the tutorial
[5] 04:21 (Guide)Mr Tiddles[CFH]: The share feature doesn't automatically force you to enter into worldchat. although that's a great idea
[5] 04:20 Duckerz: ?
[5] 04:20 Duckerz: Why would it give you the option to share and not the correct chat channel to talk in if you aren't supposed to do it.
[5] 04:03 (Mod)Moderator: Warning: Game help chat is only for game related questions, it is not for general conversation.
[5] 03:57 Zeth[LoC]: Keep it up Duckerz!
[5] 03:55 Duckerz: Congratulations! You've gained a woodcutting level (3)
[5] 03:40 Duckerz: Thnx 🦆
[5] 03:27 KrazySmitty[~DoS~]: gratz
[5] 03:26 Duckerz: Congratulations! You've gained a mining level (2)
[5] 03:24 (Guide)Rich[-CR-]: Welcome Duckerz! After you complete the tutorial, more chats and islands will open Ask any questions here
[5] 03:23 Duckerz has logged in
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02-05-2021 13:07

The enforced "Help only" for new accounts is a dated mechanic that could probably be pulled. It was initially implemented in part to try and force the new starting players into there so that spammer accounts were kept initially out of world.

However with a moderation team usually on the ball it's not so much of a factor and we can usually catch them pretty quickly. So no real reason to have them limited to Help any more.

Besides, the other problem is that if you're new and you don't see any conversations in chat, you might think the game is dead. Giving them world access shows otherwise and reassures them that there is life (albeit not necessarily intelligent life...)
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Forum -> Feedback -> Share feature to World chat from Tutorial.

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