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28-04-2021 15:23

To the person who picked most my misclick DD, about 90 minutes ago,
I would like to buy some of my items back please.

Please whisper or msg me in game.
Mr. Addy
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02-05-2021 23:08

I hope you get your stuff back.

This is precisely why we should have a confirm combat option. A player shouldn't be punished this severely for a misclick.
~Sol~ :D

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5th March 2020.
03-05-2021 00:49

In my could not have been a misclick...

At easter, when i chased the npc there, (if i remember right) i saw that they had put a large gap/space between those 2 buttons (mining and fighting)...
03-05-2021 03:56

As someone who spends a lot of time at Tirnus and has also accidentally clicked the link, I can assure you it is possible to misclick there, edwin....

Just because you were there a whole one time, you're 100% sure?

Edited on 03-05-2021 03:57
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03-05-2021 04:41

Very less gap when playing on phone. Misclicks happen
03-05-2021 06:01

Well...just saying my opinion...

Misclick = f1m button and food
Mining and fighting at tirnus =/= misclick

Just saying...since i was mining too when i was sitting the npc at easter and had no problem with it...i play on tab too...
03-05-2021 08:27

trust me it was a misclick.
I can very easily handle killing yetis one by one.

I was training speed, then wanted to mine as i had something else to do, click fighting instead of mining, came back to syrnia after 2 minutes and boom was dead.
03-05-2021 17:35

I'm in the camp now that says add a confirm button... especially in a spot where a bunch of people have to hold a scroll worth 5 to 10 million just to work.
I personally trained health to where I wouldn't die if I accidentally clicked the button at Tirnus, but the 1 time I did a trade with food and forgot to get my Tirnus food back out, I accidentally clicked it. So it can happy to most if you make the simple mistake of forgetting food for whatever reason.

*Add a confirm fight button to high stakes locations where folks that don't want to train combat but have to train something else there don't have to worry about a misclick taking away a huge chunk of their Syrnian net worth.
Having said that, speed training can be done pretty much anywhere and for any level speedster, so Atto's reason is not valid for why I am asking for the confirm button.

Edited on 03-05-2021 17:48
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Liu Bei
03-05-2021 23:23

I play a lot on mobile whilst at work and my phone is in my pocket. The amount of times I come back and i've somehow pocket clicked the town menu is a joke. This is why I won't mine at Tirnus whilst at work.
~Liu Bei~
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