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19-04-2021 20:03

Darklords of Syrnia

~DoS~ History
~DoS~ was established on 7/27/2007 by JLockmavs.
During our long history we have had plenty of ups and downs as any clan that has been around that long has had. The glory days saw ~DoS~ as the most feared thieving clan in Syrnia with approximately 40 or so active members while our down time saw us fall into complete obscurity.
The current version of ~DoS~ started to come to form in July of last year after an 8 year absence from JLockmavs so that he could focus on his young family. Once back it was time to go to work and start rebuilding the Darklords of Syrnia!

~DoS~ Now
No longer a thieving clan, we currently have 32 members of the ~DoS~ family representing several diverse game play styles. Some of our members enjoy playing the game solo but enjoy having a clan to call home and we have some players that enjoy the whole team aspect of the game and work together for the success of everyone in the clan. Similarly, we have some players that are very active in chat and we have some that don't participate much in chat or the clan forums at all.
We currently have Stockhouses at Sanfew, Burning Beach, Elven Gate, Kanzo and Skull with the intention to add additional locations as members need them added. Our stockhouses are managed via the request/approval system to help protect the clan and those who have helped build it. Having said that, most approvals are quick and all reasonable requests are approved.
*Adding/Donating to the clan stockhouses is by choice and not a requirement.

What We Are Looking For
New Players, Old Players, Groups of Players and anyone in between with any game play style and with laid back relaxed personalities and a good sense of humor to match ours. We also ask that you are at least 18 years of age... or can at least make us think you are.
Our clan chat is uncensored.

What We Offer
We offer a loyal group of players that consider each other family, an active chat, highly stocked clan stockhouses with all the tools, weapons, armor and raw resources to help you along your Syrnian Journey as well as a food supply that is constantly being added to by our Farmers and Cooks.
Clan membership also comes with a leader that donates all wood and gp required for clan needs and also supply's any items our stockhouses may be running short on.

Clan Rules
1. Just use commonsense and you'll be alright.

Your Informal "Application" Should Include
1. Why do you think ~DoS~ is a fit for you?
2. Your current goals in Syrnia (new players to the game can skip this question).
3. A little about yourself... which can include anything you want that will give us an idea of your personality/character (what you do in the real word, your age, where are you from, hobbies, etc...). The more you include the better we can make sure we are a fit for each other however, if one of our members already knows you then you can skip this... we already know you.
4. If previously in a clan, why did you / are you leaving?

If you have questions about ~DoS~
Please feel free to contact JLockmavs or any other member of ~DoS~.

Your "Application" Should Be Messaged To:

Edited on 26-04-2021 17:49
[W]10:25 Bex[TLO]: your clan tag is legendary

[2] 16:42 Dregozone[Snake]: i enjoyed being in jlocks clan many years ago, he looks after you

[2] 22:57 Borneo[C.]: yeah JLock is our security advisor
Mr. Addy
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08-05-2021 21:15

I've recently joined the Darklords of Syrnia - and I must say it has been a great experience thus far. Offering plenty of advice and support, with some really friendly and accepting people.

Thanks guys
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