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16-04-2021 11:41

ufos/aliens & bigfoot ?

do you think these could be real ?

your thoughts please...results will be used in a belief system poll

for a school project being done by my niece.

only end figures will be used names or where the results came from

will be divulged.

thanks in advance for any input given.
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16-04-2021 11:44

UFO's and aliens, yes. Bigfoot, no
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16-04-2021 11:49

For sure on the aliens. Doubt it on other.
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16-04-2021 11:55

I think it would be very unlikely that this world is the only one in the entire universe on which life developed. Whether or not those aliens travelled here, I don't know.

UFO's are real, as in there can be unidentified flying objects flying around, but they can be human-made and don't necessarily have to be from another planet.

I'd say the chances of Bigfoot existing are slim, but with our current technology, it should be possible to know for sure.
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16-04-2021 12:03

"Two possibilities exist: either we are alone in the Universe or we are not. Both are equally terrifying."

~ Arthur C. Clarke
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16-04-2021 12:10

Yes to all.

In Australia Bigfoot is called Yowie.
"Yowie reports have been constant since the colonial era all along the Border Ranges, and Woodenbong is right there at the foot of that range."

A woman saw a yowie crouching in her yard with a small dog crushed to it's chest.

Mrs Maloney described the yowie as more than six feet (183cm) tall with an almost hairless face, ape-like, with a heavy brow, no chin or neck, and ginger-coloured hair hanging from its arms and legs.

She also said the yowie was male and that its genitalalia were quite apparent.

It allegedly ran away leaving the dog with wounds to its chest and neck. The dog died a short time later.

Story from The Northern Star in 1977.

Why should the human race of Earth be the only beings in this Universe?
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21 August 2020
16-04-2021 12:28

Yes to aliens and UFOs. Pentagon just released a statement that the Videos taken of UFOs by Navy men is Authentic.

Possible on Bigfoot. The “Paterson Film” is the only film that couldn’t be proved was a fake and is Authentic.
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16-04-2021 12:59

If there are bigfeet, why dont the "researchers" in "Finding Bigfoot" (a tv show) dare to install creature-triggered-camera in the forest where they say there are bigfeet inside?

Why do they just doing silly thing like screeming in the woods in the middle of the night etc?

It's the only logical thing to install creature-triggered-cam to find an elusive creature (eg. sumatran tiger)...why dont they do it?

Peoples have caught many strange things via google earth...why havent they caught bigfeet in google earth?

There ARE no bigfeet !!!


Alien and UFO...i believe they exist but not in the way that the theory "ancient astronout" tells us (they visited us and taught us to build piramid etc)...
16-04-2021 15:30

Did yall see the blinking Pyramid shaped Unidentified Aerial Phenomenon the US Navy recorded from a night vision lens that was released a few days ago?
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16-04-2021 19:55

UFO merely means Unidentified Flying Object. So a big yes to that as it could easily be an experimental aircraft or something the viewer hadn't seen before...therefor making it "unidentified".

Aliens, yes. Find it hard to believe of BILLIONS of planets that we are the only lucky one? No one says Alien life has to be as complex as ours. Even a microbe on a distant planet can be considered alien life.

Bigfoot? I'm a bit on the fence (though more believing than disbelieving) about that. While I'm not going to pretend that we have, as a race, walked over every single inch of the world's land. I am going to say the lack of concrete evidence (like a body or live specimen) of such a large creature doesn't lend itself to being a true creature. I do know we discover (or rediscover) species often, however they are normally small creatures over large ones. One could argue for their existence if we factor they may have human, or at least near human intelligence. This would afford them the ability to stay hidden easier than a normal animal. Also another point to their existence is just how widespread the lore of "Bigfoot" is. I know its a lore of most North America (and goes by a few different names.) Then you have its cousin, the Yeti, in the Himalayas. Also as was pointed out, Australia has its own version, the Yowie (if you google you will find that these are not the only countries/areas with Bigfoot lore either). If there wasn't something there why would so many of the world's people have stories of encounters going back for so many years?
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Anarcho FooBear
17-04-2021 02:57

I am a sasquatch and think it is more likely than not the universe has Intelligent life out there but I don't believe ufo stories
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17-04-2021 03:58

UFOs and Aliens, yes... Statistically, it's highly improbable/impossible for us to be "ALONE" in the universe.

Bigfoot? Nope. Why? Statistically, it's highly improbable/impossible for such a large fauna to be undiscovered on Earth.
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17-04-2021 11:49

UFOs and Aliens - Yes. The universe is huge, it's most likely.

Bigfoot - dude needs to put the costume away, no one cares anymore
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17-04-2021 11:56

Aliens, yes, the universe is too big to have only one planet with life on it.

Bigfoot, no. No way would the species have enough of a population to continue and even if it or they did exist at one point, why no bones ever found as evidence? (there may have been, I don't watch/read enough about it to know, it's just always fur and footprints.)
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18-04-2021 10:47

For those who still do not believe in Bigfoot aka Yowie, here's something that might change your mind:
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21 August 2020
18-04-2021 12:35

Ufos/aliens: yes and no. the last call is No!
Alien life in the universe? 'Am pretty sure that is real. But the ET visits on Terra are fakes, politics, bussiness and dreams. So, it is No, cause as a matter of fact we are alone here. Alone with and in our very own world. All the Hollywood activities will be longtime past at the time when we will meet real aliens, probably.
Bigfoot: yes and no. The last call is No!
Might been if the past, no doubt, but now it is only past.
27-04-2021 05:26

Aliens/UFO's? Yes
Bigfoot? No, no way every single person who saw it had a flip phone camera Lol
27-04-2021 05:30

UFO's/aliens, yep(and if ever in Roswell New Mexico your niece would love the ufo museum, etc.)...Bigfoot, no
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27-04-2021 05:38

Aliens; I think they probably exist. I just dont think they've visited us because they would probably have killed us or used us for resources if they did have the capability or care to visit us.

Big foot: theres alot of animals we discover every year. I dont think its out of the realm of possibility that we have totally missed this one.
27-04-2021 14:17

Yup !
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27-04-2021 18:19

Our planet is a speck of sand compared to what’s out there. Of course there are aliens/other life. Bigfoot though? Doubtful.
28-04-2021 14:37

Both no.
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28-04-2021 18:20


The universe is so large, we cannot possibly be the only beings here. Also, we are still to this day discovering new species on this planet, it is possible that a "bigfoot" could exist and not have been found or clearly photographed yet.
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30-04-2021 21:54

agree with Glenn, No to all above,
Love All!
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01-05-2021 03:44

It's estimated 6% of all planets are Earth-like in The Milky Way out of a lower estimate of 100 billion planets.

Of the 1,780 confirmed planets beyond our solar system, as many as 16 are located in their star's habitable zone, so that about 1% of those are in the Goldilocks zone (Note that number will probably increase as planet-finding technology get better) So that 600 Million Earth-like planets in the Goldilock zone in the Milky way.

In the Observable Universe the current lower estimates there are about 1e25 planets (10,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 planets) in the observable Universe, so if they the same percentage of Earth-like planets as the Milky Way you are talking about 6e23 planets, at 1% of them being in the Goldilocks zone that still 6e21 planets.

If I was a betting man I would like those odds of finding life on another planet.

Have they visited Earth probably not due to the distances of interstellar space

On bigfoot, not a hope in hell he exists in modern times.

Edited on 01-05-2021 04:01
Biologically we are related to each other,
Chemically we are related to the Planet,
Atomically we are related to the Universe.
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