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08-04-2021 03:39

I wanted to spend a little time to flesh out the idea I offered up in the other thread.

The premise is to not change how the existing event works, but to offer additional incentives to those that have spent time honing their thieving and speed skills.

The idea:

Add an item to the NPC that will act as a sort of treasure map. This can work a couple different ways.

1) Make the chance of thieving said item based off of thieving level.

2) Create multiple tiers of item that are thievable

3) Some combination of both

From here we could set limitations on if multiple of these items could be obtained and held at the same time. My opinion is to have only one be active on an account at one time. These would not be tradeable items.

The map/maps could then offer a location the NPC has stashed their horde. IE: City Name/cryptic clue

Once at the location, a new link would appear. "Look for treasure"

Timers could be based on tier of clue, if multiple levels, and be influenced by speed/thieving levels. Timers should be substantial, similar to rabbit races.

Since we are selling this as finding a hidden horde of treasure, loot should be 1-3 drops

Loot could consist of gold/ore and bars/seeds/lockeds/gems/event loot/new lockpick/Nothing

Searching for the cache would only be possible during the event, and all maps/clues would disappear upon end of event.
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Only users can reply.

Forum -> Feedback -> The Event NPC

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