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Johnny Walker
08-04-2021 02:04

In an effort to bring more attention to our oft-neglected trade skill, I would like to offer an award to the best merchant/shopkeepers on Syrnia.

As I'm organizing the competition I will not be permitted entry. I will cast a vote only as a tie-breaker.

Winner will be determined by public voting in about one weeks time. To place your vote, respond to this thread. Prize may be picked up after that time anywhere I can get to without orbing. Prize is 25,000gp.

To be entered into the competition you must be nominated. You may not nominate yourself or a clannie.

If you make a nomination, I will edit this post to include any new entries. To keep the contest clean and on topic, I'll ask the Game Staff to delete any posts that do not meet the following requirements:

Post must be a vote or nomination or both. No other content is necessary.

Votes must include shop operator and location

One person may make up to 5 nomination, but only 1 vote.

Nominations must include shop operator, location, and a brief summary of why your nominee deserves to win.

I will kick off the competition with the following nominees, in no particular order -

Fraggelmupp, for the stores at Eully, Senyn, and Burning beach and the selection of great priced enchanted gear

Gbob for the stores at Senyn, Elven, and Burning Beach and the consistent supply of great priced smithed goods.

Cydex for the shop in Eully, with an amazing display of some of the most rare and exotic items around

Tiptoeing Rhino with multiple locations promising fast transport to the nearest jail town throughout the islands

Current Votes:
Fraggelmupp: 1
Gbob: 0
Clydex: 0
Tiptoeing Rhino: 0

Thank you all for your contributions to the community, for those taking the time to vote, and the assistance of staff in protecting the integrity of the contest.

Good luck.

[edit]The point of this contest is to bring attention and encourage visitation to different shops; that people will need to visit these shops to know who to vote for. That is why I ask you to name location of shop and owner. None of the nominations below qualify.[/end edit]

Edited on 08-04-2021 15:47
Mr. Addy
Keeping this game free by adding ads to every topic
08-04-2021 02:08

[2]10:45 Cradle[TLO]: Dont forget the part where the Pond guy sells the boat for Pond prices, back to the previous owner. ;)

They say they love us, but their love might be hate. I can't really tell, salt and sugar look the same.
08-04-2021 10:29

You have successfully thieved M2H, but they are not carrying any gold at the moment.

You have married Solunar!
5th March 2020.

I think when you live in the moment, eveything else takes a back seat! - Thorne.
08-04-2021 12:22

wikid: smithed goods all over and all range long term player and provider of the goods
Fight the Waranerus 128 (168hp)
undecided got 1 Saurus hide!
killed my first dino
3:55 game time on 19/01/2020

HolyEvil(173) attacked undecided, and did 1 damage
08-04-2021 13:54

Oh Boy ! another Popularity Contest. I vote for JLockmavs

Edited on 08-04-2021 13:56
Chuck Norris killed schrodinger's cat.

[1] 15:07 Shinobi[-TL-]: Well aren't you just the spawn of Stan >.>
G Bob
08-04-2021 14:00

I know its not ok, But I would like to place +1 vote for me and -15 votes for frag...Just cause... he doesnt wanna give me free things.

My vote goes to frag. The Best!

Edited on 08-04-2021 15:33
I Hate the dude called: I Hate BOB!

[W]09:02 Bex[TLO]: haha you rock! made me giggle for real xD

[W]16:18 fraggelmupp[TLO]: we are the normal ones, the rest of the world are just squares :P
Lost Soul
08-04-2021 14:06

Vote fraggelmupp
Johnny Walker
15-04-2021 03:31

Fraggelmupp is the winner and has been contacted via in-game message. Thank you for participating. This contest is over.
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