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10-03-2021 01:54

My real world friend Stuball passed away suddenly on March 5th.

He was a long time player and one of the top level woodcutters.

He was a good man. He was my friend. I will miss him.

He was known for his love of Pepsi and his claim to fame was he happened to be in an episode of the 70's sitcom Rhoda. In the show Rhoda was getting married and they had a part that took place on the subway. They chose to just go there an film. Stu just happened to be getting off as Rhoda got on... Pepsi in hand.

Cheers my friend, rest in peace.
Mr. Addy
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Ultimate Spinach
10-03-2021 01:57

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10-03-2021 02:01

very sad to hear, condolences.
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10-03-2021 02:04

Syrnia won't be the same without Stu and his ALL CAPS WRONGCHATS. RIP Stu.
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10-03-2021 02:04

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10-03-2021 02:05


I didnt know him well because i had not been online much..but i feel the loss because he was a clan mate...

May God bless his soul...amen

Talk2bill - is there a youtube regarding the episode of Rhoda where Stu was in it?

Edited on 10-03-2021 02:06
10-03-2021 02:14

So sad to hear this, if nothing else, Stu made himself impossible to go unnoticed.

Chat won't be the same without his very loud choobs.

RIP Stu, condolences friends and family.
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10-03-2021 02:15

His sister said he passed away peacefully due to cardiac arrest the day before his 65 birthday.
10-03-2021 02:16

Rest in peace, STU.
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10-03-2021 02:31

That's sad news! I didn't know him, but he never failed to make me smile with his choobs. Heartfelt condolences to his family and friends
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10-03-2021 02:48 <<< 6:57, Stu's there...RIP friend

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10-03-2021 04:02

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John Dryden
10-03-2021 04:17

Didn't know him too well outside of his all cap choobs.

Rest in peace.
[2]10:45 Cradle[TLO]: Dont forget the part where the Pond guy sells the boat for Pond prices, back to the previous owner. ;)

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10-03-2021 04:38

I'm really crushed by this. I actually was just thinking of him the other day! I will miss him tremendously. He was a wonderful person, a lovely friend and a beautiful soul. My thoughts and prayers are with his family.
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You're missed, Farinsongteeth. Always.
10-03-2021 06:17

Rest in peace Stu.
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10-03-2021 07:07

Rest in piece, STU
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10-03-2021 08:17

Oh such sad news, traded with him many times, and his CHOOBS always made me smile. RIP STU
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10-03-2021 12:15

Sleep well you crazy shouty woodcutter!
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10-03-2021 12:21

RIP, like others I do not know them that well outside the all caps choobs, but they really were noticeable.
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10-03-2021 12:36

RIP Stuball! A lover of seeds and even a bigger lover of caps lock. YOU WILL BE MISSED!
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10-03-2021 12:50

RIP. You never failed to make me SMILE.
11-03-2021 05:57

R.I.P mate. You will be missed
11-03-2021 06:42

R.i.p Stuball, only interacted with you a few times when you had questions about seed prices , but your energy and hilarious caplock Choobs will be missed.
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11-03-2021 16:32

I didn't know you personally but as others have said your cap lock choobs made you unforgettable

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11-03-2021 16:51

Stuball was one of the rare players that always seemed to be in a good mood... except when he was complaining that there were no woodcutting events near him on Kanzo during holidays. And he was right. LOL
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