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17-02-2021 02:33


Just want to share somethings that i see useful.

1) make it red
The button "enter the cave" is white (
Sometimes, i find it hard to see this button, especially when some1 is on my tail.

It is best (in my opinion) that that button is colored red like this "leave" button,

2) let me finish my action
I smelted at mount flag once...i had spent 400 secs already when suddently "you can not work" screen appeared because mount flag was closed.

Let me finish my last ore please when mount flag is closing, after all i spent 400 sec already.

3) put that also on the right side of the screen
Since i am right handed and i play on my is hard to press the f1m button (fight 1 more) in the fighting screen.

In my opinion, it is better to put another one on the right side of the screen where i can push it with my right thumb while holding my tab. will be nicer to make these button larger (larger font)...sometimes i misclick the foods instead of the f1m button (sausage fingers).


Thanks for reading and a million thanks for make it real in the future.

Mr. Addy
Keeping this game free by adding ads to every topic
Angelo the Mage
19-02-2021 19:20

I'll add some more:

When smithing items or enchanting, let us click on item icons instead of poorly visible text. Also, group items by type.

Add tooltips to map links so I can see where am I going.

Make the islands on world map clickable.

Group houses by island. I have about 40 houses and they are ordered by which one was built last which is not very useful.
Check my smithing service:
Also check my smithing museum (loads of unique +dura items) at Castle Rose.
20-02-2021 03:26

4) add "sell all" and "transfer all" button please

At eully market, when i want to sell all my bronze long swords from gnomes, instead of having to type the number, i can click "sell all" button. I choose the "100 bronze long swords" from the drop-down-menu and then click "sell all".

Also, please add "transfer all" toggle/switch button at players houses.

At my house, when i want to move all my bronze long swords from gnomes into the house or from the house into my backpack, instead of having to type the number, i can click "transfer all" button (that way, this button became ON) and then click the item in my backpack or the item in my house.


Only users can reply.

Forum -> Feedback -> Small feedbacks that might be useful

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