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13-02-2021 11:06

Saurus items
SOLD and Traded
Buyout for them all, only if no one set is bought out before 150k

SOLD and Traded

20k gold ore
start 10 per buyout 12 per

10k Iron bars
start 6 per buyout 8per

20k steel bars
SOLD and Traded

5k Silver bars
SOLD and Traded

1 Tiro Bar
Start 150k buyout 250k
(includes being smithed into the item of your choice)

10k raw bass
start 1.8 buyout 2.2

5k Cabbage
5k Onion
5k Shark
5k vervefruit
Total hp 245,000
Start 2.6 per buyout 3 per

20 Ancient wood
start 7.5k per buyout 10k per

I will accept GP, seeds at 2.5 per grain and up, Platina ore at 40 per ore, Bloodstone ore at 50k per and obsidian ore at 50gp per ore.

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Edited on 13-02-2021 18:10
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Mr. Addy
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13-02-2021 13:06

start iron bars
Lost Soul
13-02-2021 16:40

Start raw bass
14-02-2021 19:52

start ancient wood
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14-02-2021 19:56

Tiro bar 200K
14-02-2021 21:07

1.9 raw bass
100 +2 Aetris (WAR) 125 +1 59,278,376 +360,496 +1 +1


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Lost Soul
14-02-2021 21:12

Buyout bass
16-02-2021 10:25

Start gold ore
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16-02-2021 14:43

had a message bit of 10.5 per gold ore,

also closing this at midnight.
Luck is when skill meets opportunity.
Lost Soul
17-02-2021 18:51

11 gold ore
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