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10-02-2021 22:01

The Legend of Avinin Alphonse
by Prometheus and Gary Hans Slug

In days of yore, an antiquity which fair few remember; the days when the lands of Syrnia were first borne from the earth below, Dragons ruled the skies. Over time, many an adventurer set out from Remer Island to cross, colonise, and cultivate the islands which adorned the seas. The dragons were fearsome and fearless, but in the face of their new foe, retreated from the human explorers. Humans were puny, but would attack the dragons in hordes; bringing with them a perpetual raging storm of flame and fury, wearing the dragons down and destroying them. Humans would take trophies of their hides and scales. Humans would even carve dragonflesh. They would cook it and devour it, sating bloodlust and hunger both. The Dragons fled deep into an unknown labyrinth. There they remained, living in hiding, only risking ventures at night to forage and hunt. All but one: A Platina Flame Dragon.

This Dragon liked his homeland: Sanctuary was found in a lair near the forests of what later came to be known as Avinin, on the island of Exrolia. Hiding from the scourge of Humans by day and foraging under the cloak of night, he grew ever stronger, and ever wiser. All in all it was a decent life. As the years passed and the scars of war faded, peace blossomed between Human- and Dragonkind. The inhabitants of the area eventually came to know of him, no longer thinking of him as a threat. They gave him a name; Alphonse. Most called him Avinin Alphonse, or Avinin Al, because of where he lived. Over time, their proximity made them notice something peculiar: Once a year, on February 2nd, Avinin Alphonse would come out from his lair, only darting back inside if he saw his own shadow. More peculiar still, in the years of seeing his shadow, Winter would blight the land for a further 6 weeks, while if upon his emergence no shadows fell, Spring would arrive early. Over time, curiosity gave rise to an annual ritual. A crowd would gather beyond the lair to watch Alphonse and whether he would see his shadow. This tradition continues to this very day.
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10-02-2021 22:07

Thanks for the story.
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Cruz Nairb
10-02-2021 22:45

I'll be on the look out for a dragon at Avinin so we can deal with the dragon threat once and for all. ;)
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