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26-11-2020 16:42

Greetings Syrnians,

On behalf of the development team I would like to introduce you to what should be a series of occasional updates briefly mentioning what content that the Syrnia Development Team are expecting to bring out over the coming months.

Please note, many of these items are currently in planning and development, it will not be possible to release specifics of how any of the upcoming features will work. We also don't quite want to spoil any surprises of these items either. We also won't be able to advise on any specific dates at this time although as projects get closer to completion we may choose to do so.

1 - Tirnus Spelunking
Many of you have been wondering what's happening up at the top of Mount Tirnus. It's been there for quite a while and supposedly a group of explorers are doing excavation work up there in the caves. While we cannot say too much, I believe they were saying there might be an extensive larger cave system hidden behind some of the huge rock walls. Who knows what was sealed away up there...at least we hope it wasn't Moddles' laundry basket, yikes the socks!

2 - Bootleg Pirate Update
"Yarrr me hearties! Me pirates be gettin' a fresh supply of new things to better deal with those mainlanders!"

*ahem*, Thats quite enough of that Keelhail!

Pirates of Syrnia, rejoice. We are currently in discussion with a small focus group of players looking to update this sizable faction of the player base to bring them up to date with some new mechanics. While this is still in development and may take some time, the new features under review would see changes to captaincy, invasion and planning mechanics, even the island itself which should give them opportunities to continue their ruthless pillaging of the Syrnia mainland. What utter scoundrels!

3 - Second wave of bosses
Hoping to eventually give Anders five minutes to sit down, have a cup of tea and a biscuit, the team are working on some new bosses to further test your skills. These ones will feature more new abilities and mechanics, their own unique collectables and some may have their own skill or item dependent actions. Needless to say after the perfect and flawless release of the first batch (mostly), these new ones should continue to test your abilities and raise the difficulty slightly.

4 - Every Vote Counts
We want you...to vote for and support Syrnia!

We are currently in the process of overhauling the voting and Syrnia promotion options that were available, including changing how we reward for referring friends to join the community as well as what you get for supporting us on various gaming websites.

5 - And now for something completely different
Finally, Syrnia will be looking to add a new seventeenth skill in the near future, haven't had one added since 2006*! We're not saying what it involves yet or how to do it but let's just say we hope you'll enjoy it. A few new resources here and there, new work options, plenty to think about!

*...for those of you that remember a very drunk April 1st that year with the legendary drinking skill

That's all for the time being. We hope that this will allow you, the players, to understand where our current priorities are at the moment and perhaps get an insight on what we are working towards. We will of course continue with the Business as Usual like bug fixes, tweaks to existing mechanics and the like while we go ahead with these projects however now you should all start to see what projects we have on the go.

Moderator edit:
For the benefit of those confused, technically the April Fools 2006 "Drinking" skill counted as number 16.

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26-11-2020 18:41

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26-11-2020 22:04

Thanks for posting this, keeps everyone eager.

However I mean this in the nicest possible way, but the launch of the bosses was the polar opposite of perfect (not anywhere near mostly).
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Feral Flame
27-11-2020 00:59

Nice updates. Good job Mods. Thanks for keeping the players in the loop too
27-11-2020 04:51

While this is still in development and may take some time....right!
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21 August 2020
27-11-2020 08:53

Thanks for sharing the devs thoughts and plans going forward!
There don't have to be details about them, but always feels good to know what's rougly going on.
27-11-2020 08:55

Ooooh... a 17th skill without a 16th Interesting XD
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27-11-2020 10:09

Definitely looking forward to these. :o
~Liu Bei~
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27-11-2020 11:38

I definitely approve of a Roadmap. Great implementation.
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29-11-2020 18:41

lol what a joke
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29-11-2020 20:37


if you beleive it to be a joke why not drop some suggestions on what teh dev team can do, what you think is the issue or where you think things should be looked at.

calling something a joke with little explanation as to why you think this helps no one long term just creates animosity.
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29-11-2020 21:57

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R.I.P murderdoll22
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29-11-2020 22:13

Just out of curiosity will the bosses we have currently in game get tweaked/fixed before we see a second wave?

Moderator edit:
This is being reviewed separate to the listed updates and further changes will be applied to the current four in due course.
Anarcho FooBear
29-11-2020 23:37

hopefully no more scrolls
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29-11-2020 23:55

*kicks Durins*
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30-11-2020 16:19

Thank you for the updates!
01-12-2020 14:25

*hides key to Captain's quarters*

Yay updates!
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01-12-2020 14:55

Nothing about removing scrolls from the game?
Seems silly to work on new things when its still impossible for a lot of people to access the old updates.
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01-12-2020 15:32

Welcome to Syrnia, Lamb! 🐑
02-12-2020 08:35

not impossible lamb, just rng
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02-12-2020 17:46

Askeladd - If you notice most of the negative comments on here are from long term players who are really tired of game staff just throwing out updates that are never fixed from the get go. Freddo814 and multiple players on this post for many years have asked for things such as the pirates/ battlemage / orb issues /market prices for items that have been around for years and years etc... to be fixed and nothing has been done. That is why players no longer give suggestions about these things because it doesn't matter if you keep adding things to the game when the main mechanics of the game don't make sense. The only comment or explanation you get in return from "game staff" is "it's just random" or "we're working on it". The scrolls were a disaster with no remedy or changes to that update from the game staff even with all the outcry from the community so.... who is it really that is causing the animosity.

While updates are nice there are soo many other items players would really rather see fixed and would actually motivate players to stay. I appreciate the efforts being made but again when the community has spoken up multiple times over multiple years and those concerns are not addressed it's just pointless to continue .
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03-12-2020 02:55

I still think I’m blocked from receiving any scrolls.... prove me wrong and give me one 😂
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04-12-2020 06:23

I stand by cheezy I am blocked from them as well xD
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04-12-2020 14:31

pirates/ battlemage / orb issues /market prices for items that have been around for years and years etc... to be fixed and nothing has been done

These were addressed publicly, attempts were made on some or most of these updates and were publicly spoken about.

contact has been with pirates for a while now regarding their update and pirates are fully in the loop and know of the update and direction devs are wanting to take it. not that they know the final plan but they understand the stages the team is at and the time going into the update. they do not know when it will go live or what is in store but they have given enough solid input to understand the kind of direction its going and that stuff is being done.

a lot of other smaller updates that were unpolished or not finished is down to utilising the Borneo concepts that were left to the etam but since Born has been MIA with Covid and RL stuff it has been difficult to persue the final concepts for these updates and they sadly remain in Limbo, there is not much to be done about these like Skeletons from Dino drop as one example that came into forums, unless we usurp the concept and finish it in the devs design over Borneo but that will then likely lead to more work altering it to his vision if and when the boss guy returns.

Edited on 04-12-2020 14:37
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04-12-2020 16:31

Just get rid of the scrolls already. I have played this game over 10 years and through all those times of missing admins and no updates for years at times, it's the scrolls that have made me want to quit.

I don't want to see a single update that expands on anything on Calmere, when I am still locked out of half the content from the last update. Adding further content locked behind the existing block would just make people more unhappy.
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