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02-11-2020 00:14


I won't be saying much, except that I 've decided that it's time for me and Syrnia to make a clean break. Some reasons are entirely personal, some are based on external things that have been happening, both with respect to the game and folks around me.

I'm sure some people will be happy to see me go - and I hope that it helps you find some resolution To others, I assure you - I'm also extremely happy to leave! I'm very excited about filling the syrnia-shaped hole in my life with lots of fun things. I'm very grateful to a long list of people for helping me throughout the game, and making my experience here so enjoyable.

I would have preferred to not make a post but in case there are questions, you can point them here! Take care, and goodnight. I'll be logging in now and then over the next couple of days to finish off a few trades that I had planned out.
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Mr. Addy
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02-11-2020 00:31

M2H has payed 10780 gold to free you from the Sanfew jail.

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02-11-2020 00:35

Take care, friend! Best of luck in your endeavours irl.
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02-11-2020 00:36

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02-11-2020 00:37

Best of luck
R2 D2
02-11-2020 00:40

*signs for B to stay*
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Rest in peace. <3
02-11-2020 00:43

Let me guess. You also missed all the bosses today? ;)
02-11-2020 00:54

take care Brainy. <3
02-11-2020 01:22

you will be missed friend

Edited on 02-11-2020 01:22
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02-11-2020 01:30

02-11-2020 04:14

Buh bye
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02-11-2020 05:04

Hope you do well irl, and have fun Barun!
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Oom Thys
02-11-2020 05:23

Good luck with everything barun, glad I got to get to know you!
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02-11-2020 08:13

Oh I'll miss you.

But we had fun, I'm glad we met.

Edited on 02-11-2020 08:14
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02-11-2020 08:43

Take care mate.
its been a while.

keep in contact on whatsapp <3
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[2]14:27 RedWyrm[Pond]: Headline News: afc is NOT really tasty. That is all. Thank you. *nods* :P
02-11-2020 09:12

Damn so my Arch 5 bud is going, you'll be missed....
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03-11-2020 00:23

You know I will Miss you, Hope to see you back around soon!! Wishing the best for you!!
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03-11-2020 01:31

Hope all goes well. We will miss you.
03-11-2020 02:29

Best of luck in all you do barun,been a pleasure trading with you these past years
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asking for a friend
03-11-2020 13:07

Quitter >
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Liu Bei
03-11-2020 17:40

Look after yourself, hope all goes well.
~Liu Bei~
Your Red Squirrel loved you but it was time to leave... They left 2 Beryl as a Goodbye Gift.
06-11-2020 22:08

Wow! Sorry to see you go old friend.
18-11-2020 19:51


Barun was not the reason I came back, but he was the reason I stayed.....
You have married Babsy! 07/04/12 <3

She's the best. <3 Babsy <3

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19-11-2020 15:22

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