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Mr Coffee
01-11-2020 01:26

We're aware the numbers for the bosses are not quite what we expected. We also aware that there was some fault with the drops which is scheduled to be fixed.
Hang tight on this, we are working on it. However, this is a good time to get some player feedback on this new feature. Please, keep it civil! Thanks!

Post all Boss related suggestions here for feedback.

Moderator edit:
Please note that developers are monitoring the situation and changes will be applied in due course which will be listed in game patch notes as and when.

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01-11-2020 01:29

I'm glad the numbers are recognised as an issue. From the perspective of a non combat player the rates that people are getting from farming the bosses just kill every currently available event or combat training area.

If current numbers remained unchanged there would be no reason to ever train anywhere else and kills would be crazy fast.

My suggestion would be that since bossing is usually a max level event in most games (thus no xp given) and is primarily done for the drops, that this could apply here. I would even go as far to say maybe even tune the numbers up for xp dropped for each boss, but limited to only being given on the very first time a player killed that boss and never again, making the incentive to fight chasing the drops and not chasing broken rates of xp.

disclaimed: as a non combat player take what i say with a pinch of salt, i've not done the fights myself but i see the numbers.

Edited on 01-11-2020 01:32
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Anascan and Proud
01-11-2020 01:53

Exp shared across fighters would stop 30 people fighting it every spawn being an easy spam exp method.

Would probably be better to not have a 10 minute cooldown, possibly stop individual people fighting more than once an hour?

The boss idea is different and exciting, just needs a little balancing
01-11-2020 01:53

Emma should be 30-60mins respawn.
Other bosses have higher respawn levels depending on levels.

If you're gonna keep LMC as a guaranteed drop then drop it to 1 per player not 3. If 30 players do Emma 6 times an hour that's 540 new LMC's in the game, it's going to crash the market. Think about not guaranteeing other drops every fight, make the trophy items much rarer than they currently are.

Reduce the exp if the respawn timer isn't going to be changed. So that camping this boss isn't 30k exp per hour for minimal food consumption.

Overall the idea of adding bosses is amazing and great to help bring the game community together, just needs slight tweaks.
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01-11-2020 02:01

Give emma a 60 minute cooldown like the rest of the bosses. That's it. That would resolve the issue of just farming her for XP and drops.

And fix the drops, so far the same 3-4 people have got all the drops and we've all been in the same fight.

Edited on 01-11-2020 02:03
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01-11-2020 02:21

Are you going to rollback drops?

If there's a known issue with rng, and the same three or four people are getting all the drops it's pretty unfair.
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01-11-2020 02:55

Just moving Emma to once an hour wouldn't work, as can consistently do all 4 on a rotation, to get clear of 100k an hour with no HP use and great drops.

Because the exp is flat rated, its more beneficial to get everyone in the game to join in together, so they die in the space of minutes you all get your exp and move on to the next

That seems like effort? Just do Anders and Ogre one, takes about 2 minutes of active clicking and 5 minutes of semi-afk combat each hour. And the reward is 80k exp, 2 guaranteed rare gems and less than 300 HP use.

I get rewarding active combat, but that's such a massive leap from any other way of combatting.

(the same applies for fighting Emma at lower levels)
01-11-2020 03:44

maybe a mid level boss besides emma with decent rewards like the bigger bosses? for mid levels who train other skills besides combat?
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01-11-2020 03:52

I'd appreciate a lower level boss, who was maybe half the level of Emma
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01-11-2020 04:42

This is a suggestion for bosses and game in general...

replace the RNG with a new one, obviously the coding is 100% wrong people are getting tons of drops, all the scrolls and everyone else getting nothing...

this is 100% because of RNG in my opinion lol
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01-11-2020 04:55

I would enjoy a lower level boss. Not quite at the level to fight Emma, so people a little lower level are kind of getting shafted compared to people who are a little higher level.
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01-11-2020 06:45

i would like some kind of timer so we know when the boss is going to spawn again.
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01-11-2020 07:31

+1 smitts and Ham

I have 2 points of interest for now, other than the mentioned numbers issue:

1. It seems kind of odd that Anders (Boss level 2) seems to deal less damage in general to the fighters compared to Antha and Karkinos (Boss level 1)

2. The drop rate of the new chests, and/or the drop rate of the top tier ores in them, should be greatly nerfed, because a quick influx of bloodstone and titanium ore makes high-end mining obsolete


3. I suggest to add more possible results in the Tirnus chest content pool. This allows bloodstone and titanium ores to be nerfed even more, which is needed.

4. This is a direct reply to the players who incited a boss fight one time per hour. I think one time per hour for the level of drops you get out of them, as well as the exp, is too much for an hour. I'm suggesting two alternate options that would forsake exploitation:

Every 12 hours
Once a day

Importantly, this should be based by the individual player. Could incite strategic planning and preparations amongst a group. Furthermore the death of an individual players boss, should be noted in the "stats" excerpt. Like "You killed Emma at xxx", so you can always plan ahead for the next boss fight.

Edited on 01-11-2020 10:03
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01-11-2020 07:44

Agreed on nerfing the contents of the chests. Bloodstone and titanium ore from them is just ridiculous, considering the difficulty in getting them otherwise.

Also, Thabis raws shouldn't be dropped so freely, especially if I'm nowhere close to the fishing level needed to catch them. All it does is make Thabis even more obsolete.
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Ihit Youdie
01-11-2020 08:26

The predictability of always having a spawn is what is making this overpowered imo.
01-11-2020 11:33

Well, normal combat is dead due to this update. And it further devalues non combat resource gathering. Thumbs up
01-11-2020 11:51

+1 on a slightly lower levelled boss than Emma, but isn't going to happen. See you all in 3 months :/

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01-11-2020 13:10

"Well, normal combat is dead due to this update. And it further devalues non combat resource gathering. Thumbs up"


Lets take a look at this. Its easy to complain about woodcutting having huge hourly xp at 48k an hour, but I was almost level 200 before I could access that. This update gives even greater hourly xp than that at much lower combat levels. Especially to low end CL players that jump into full fights that die quickly and they have a safer chance of not dying. I'm seeing people state that a full rotation of the bosses once per hour is still 100k hourly combat xp.

Wood is worthless, guaranteed Carnelian drops are gonna crash that income source for woodcutting, and as for hp from seeds or farming, well I hate this update so much that I never want to support it by selling my hp to fighters.

Unless this gets changed drastically, something like a once per week fight similar to how other games have a weekly raid reset, then I have no reason to do anything but hoard forever.

This hasn't just killed every other combat location, it's killing other skills too like woodcutting and even fishing with huge drops of Thabis raws.

EDIT: "I got 2 ancient wood out of one and a clannie got 100 hop seeds out of another."
GG, now wood scroll is useless too.

Edited on 01-11-2020 14:06
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Anascan and Proud
01-11-2020 15:25

Hard cap each player at running each boss once a week. This way, running a boss is more like a weekly treat, and it won't break combat experience. You could organize something like a weekly raid night with your clan/friends and have something to look forward to each week.
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01-11-2020 15:31

What Goosh said,

I agree with a players cooldown making the bosses once or twice a week. Not a once an hour thing.
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Oom Thys
01-11-2020 17:11

I agree with Goosh.

Main problem with the bosses that I see is that it's made regular combat irrelevant once you have high enough hp. Also once you have high enough hp, no other combat skills matter. You could have 1 attack, 1 def and 1 str with high hp and get the same max xp as bella each hour currently.
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01-11-2020 20:30

1) Boss Arrival

- Red Chat, just a red sentence announcing the boss is arriving (before spawn time obviously)

2) Sign a Contract

- Go to Rima-City Gates to sign a contract for the boss
(Set amount of people per boss) (first come first served basis)

If the above causes problems and it's the same people in each boss fight then the below could be suggested:

- Cooldown in place for each player after the boss is defeated, this will allow it to be fair and other players will get a chance

3) Reward

- Split exp between fighters

Pretty much where I am at
01-11-2020 20:41

I wouldn't say the xp gains are the huge problem, as other skills nowadays gain a lot more xp (I still remember the fishing nerf back in the days, -100 mil xp for me as fishing was so OP...), which also makes no sense at all considering xp gain distribution nowadays).

Problem is the game changer we have here. A relaxed semi-afk game turns into a around the clock boss hunting game.
If you want all four per hour, which you should, to stay competitive in the xp hunting game (high scores).
If you don't, better forget training combat as you'll be getting nowhere compared to other players. Normal combat locations are only fillers now in between the hunts.

Also it makes no difference if you go there naked or in best gear. You only need enough hp to survive the highest hit and enough food to heal through. The other 30+ player can to the killing and you'll still get full xp (and probably drops).

Which leads to the next point: a fight of 30+ vs. "boss" is stupid with syrnias game mechanics.
You use next to no food and have basically no risk to die if you can survive the highest hit.

So either town down the boss xp in line with normal mob xp, as it's actually easier to fight bosses.
Or the bosses need some serious buffs, e.g.
- chance to 1-hit-kill regardless of hp
- ruin your equipment a lot more often (which will only lead to naked fighting, so probably won't help)
- or increase in power (all stats) per additional player fighting it (like +10% or +20% power per player)

Bbasically if xp and drops stay as it, then it needs to be seriously risky, and not just another grindfest.

But personally I fear that the main issue (this is no longer an AFK game) will turn away some players.
02-11-2020 05:25

i would prefer a mechanism that limits access to the bosses based on a player by player basis rather than on mechanism that limits access to the bosses based on cool down times / times of day (like the access to arch 5) / etc.

i noticed that the statistic of how many times we had already fought a boss was already being kept track of ; i would think that could be used ; for example, if it is decided that players can only fight a boss 3 times per week (or whatever number is decided upon), then, when our increment of fights is plus 3, we can no longer fight that boss until the next week

i suspect that like many others, i am only able to actively play here and there ; the rest of the time i play afk / semi-afk ; if access to the bosses is restricted by long cool down times (like at present) or times of day (like arch 5), i will seldom be able to take advantage of this new content
02-11-2020 16:48

Countdown timer at boss locations for spawn would be nice for instances when nobody is online when last time boss died.
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