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27-10-2020 12:43

Im looking to see what squirrels seem to be dropping to get some stats, please feel free to post here what youve got from your squirrels (Per squirrel, e.g. 1 LMC, 2LMC)

19 Cucumber seeds
5 Cucumber seeds
50 Apple seeds
2 LMC (Maggie)
1 LMC (Maggie)
2 Beryl (Savage)
4 Moonstone (Svava)
2 Beryls (Svava)
2 beryls (quagmire)
3 moonies (quagmire)
25 cucumber seeds (quagmire)
15 Apple Seeds (Liu Bei)
1 Beryl (Liu Bei)
2 Beryls (Liu Bei)
3 Moonstone (brokelad)
4 Moonstone (brokelad)
1 LMC (brokelad)

Edited on 29-10-2020 00:16
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27-10-2020 12:46

2 LMC, 1LMC.
Will make a list of the seeds they give.

Edited on 27-10-2020 12:49
I'm Clean!

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21 August 2020
27-10-2020 12:47

2 Beryl
Proud Leader Of LoC
27-10-2020 13:04

4 Moonstone
2 Beryls
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27-10-2020 20:20

Yo how many clicks of the squirrel you gotta do to get it to change/drop something?
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Anascan and Proud
28-10-2020 12:30

2 beryls
3 moonies
25 cucumber seeds
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Liu Bei
28-10-2020 17:37

15 Apple Seeds
1 Beryl
2 Beryls

Can't remember my fourth one.

Edited on 28-10-2020 17:37
~Liu Bei~
Your Red Squirrel loved you but it was time to leave... They left 2 Beryl as a Goodbye Gift.
28-10-2020 19:34

41 Apple seeds
3 Moonstone
4 Moonstone
30-10-2020 07:26

35 cuc'ber seeds
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You have 333 Syriet ore.
Mining level: 209 (138700760 exp, 1111222 for next level)
10-11-2020 10:24

Your Squirrel loves you so much that it changed into a Red Squirrel!!
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10-11-2020 11:10

Welcome back pedro Balcarres missed you
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23-11-2020 14:27

Your Red Squirrel loved you but it was time to leave... They left 2 Locked moldy chest as a Goodbye Gift.
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26-11-2020 06:09

Your Red Squirrel loved you but it was time to leave... They left 26 Cucumber seeds as a Goodbye Gift.
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