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19-10-2020 03:44

I apologize, but have to make a new post. Feel free to point out any errors ive made.

This halloween id like to have players choose their events by buying them with burnts. Players can choose between regular events and halloween creature events. This includes skill events that I have the ability to send, no smithing, trading, construction, plat+ mining or mariners fishing. Players can not choose time or location. 1k is the max for equal creatures or events. Players have til Oct 26th to submit.

List of halloween creatures:

halloween gnome
halloween witch
headless pirate
undead spiderling
headless zombie
skeletal hound
skeletal bat
ghastly zombie
headless gaman
possessed skeleton
skeleton warrior
zombie warrior

The first post auto deleted after no activity for 2 weeks, but i can see my trade, whisper, and message history, so can fill it all back in.

Players whove contributed:

Twitxhy -1k bronze bar smelting
Nymph - 1k undead spiderlings P
Isaac - 1k rats
Ansem - 1k rats
Barun511 - 1k sekhemets
Nebs - 1k halloween gnomes
Snobell -1k halloween gnomes
Tintin2007 - 1k skeletal warriors
Maggie - 1k headless pirates P
Bear - burnt fish contest

Tim408 - 1k skeletal bats
TheBeast - 1k halloween gnomes
Dark Neroxus - 1k silver bars P
Puddles - 1k sekhemets
Majykhobbit- 1k possessed skeletons
Dregozone - 1k skeletal hounds
Master1987- 1k halloween gnomes
Svava - 1k Bonebreakers P
Lamb - 1k zombie warriors
Oom thys - 1k skeletal bats

A_f_c - 1k Zombie warriors
Tabi - 1k halloween gnomes
Boss_hogg - 1k Skeletal hounds
Genie - 1k dark elves
DigitalJester- 1k ammon woodcutting
Masque - 1k skeletal hounds
Elbaroda- 1k skeletal hounds P
LadyPotLuck - 1k skeletal hounds
Makarov- 1k cave shadows
Iota - 1k halloween gnomes

JLock13- 1k undead giants
Ihit Youdie - 1k skeletal hounds
Redcap - 1k ammon woodcutting
Tater - 1k bass cooking P
JoveS - 1k thabis fishing
Personer - 1k skeletal bats
Mythlir - 1k bass fishing
HoB - 1k skeleton bats
Mona - 1k possessed skeletons
TempestMare- 1k possessed skeletons

Queenie - 1k headless pirates P
Akkarin - 1k ammon woodcutting
00hed - 1k trawler
AvengedAngel - 1k halloween gnomes
Smellyfoot - 1k skeletal hounds P
Smitts - 1k skeletal warriors
Liamlive - 1k halloween gnomes
Tb12 - 1k skeletal hounds
Owl22 - 1k iron smelting
Arto - 1k halloween gnomes

Rich716 - 1k halloween gnomes P
Valkyrie - 1k salmon shark cooking
RisingNova - 1k sekhemets
Pendragon- 1k canlo giants
Stormz - 1k sekhemets
TermaMatrix - 1k rima generals
MrUnknown - 1k possessed skeletons
Savage - 1k skeletal hounds
G Bob - 1k zombie Warriors
Evil Mage - 1k sorer hunters

Naruto Uzumaki - 1k assassins P
Bex - 1k skeletal bats
Greensky - 1k ghastly zombies P
Clydex- 1k skeletal hounds
Raptorhayzus- 1k zombie warriors
Basic - 1k skeletal hounds
Thiel - 1k bass fishing
Misteeq - 1k salmon shark
Ankit - 1k skeletal bats
Gilly - 1k Halloween gnomes

CheezyRN - 1k rima generals
Thorne - 1k skeletal hounds
Gods Messenger - 1k zombie warriors
Cari - 1k skeleton hounds
Fraggelmupp - 1k zombie warriors
Ascotvale - 1k ghastly zombies
Jamestowner - 1k skeletal hounds
Piranhattack - 1k possessed skeletons
Cousin Bubba - 1k sorer kings
Tiptoeing Rhino- 1k iron smelting

Arivae - 1k possessed skeletons
Smeagol - 1k skeletal hounds
Sephiroth - 1k sekhemets P
Raj - 1k skeleton hounds
Glenn - 1k undead giants P
Solunar - 1k halloween gnomes
Nirvanaishdude - 1k headless pirates P
Slow - 1k bugs
R2 D2 - 1k silver smelting
Jeffreyj - 1k skeletal hounds

Radiognome - 1k sekhemets
Breeze - 1k gold smelting
Goosh - 1k yetis
Bacon of doom - 1k skeletal warriors
BLOODYSKY - 1k ammon woodcutting
Grix - 1k werewolves
Rizzo - 1k skeletal warriors

Edited on 30-10-2020 15:13
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