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Koban Knight
17-10-2020 20:37

What was your favorite Holiday chase npc?
explain in the comment section below
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Mr. Addy
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17-10-2020 20:39

The Egg Thief.

It looks good and its useful
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17-10-2020 20:41

Jack Frost was a nice change as such
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17-10-2020 20:43

Bacon of Doom
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Naruto Uzumaki
17-10-2020 20:44

The Egg Thief even though I wasn't there...since the suit has an actual use rather than just useless showpiece.

Edited on 17-10-2020 20:44
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17-10-2020 20:45

Egg thief. Because of the suit. Bring it back! I need new pants lol
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17-10-2020 20:46

+1, Maki.
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Bacon of Doom
17-10-2020 20:47

Egg thief. Second is Witch, since she drops 2 useful items. All other npcs are useless.
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17-10-2020 20:50

Fairy crown, Pirate shield and Bloodmoon dahlia.. Why? Cause.. ')
17-10-2020 22:04

I personally like the witch the best, dont really care about item usefulness
18-10-2020 02:43

Fairy. It is the prettiest.
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18-10-2020 02:54

Egg thief. Great Suit.

But can we replace the skinny jeans with something larger? I get chafing when I wear them.

Witch 2nd for Cats and Broomsticks.
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18-10-2020 03:05

Egg Thief by a lot.

Suit is very nice but mine is -6TT. Need a new one to put -7TT on.
18-10-2020 06:52

Egg thief by a landslide; it's not even close
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18-10-2020 08:06

guess egg thief for the useful drops, but if we're talking about aesthetics, probably the blood assassin or undead warlock
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Dark Neroxus
18-10-2020 11:56

bloodmoon stoof
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18-10-2020 12:32

Witch. By a landslide.. *cackles*
Kind looks for kind, no?
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18-10-2020 21:17

The egg thief, the suit is very useful especially with the new island
18-10-2020 21:34

Can't say I'm fond of them to be honest.

I only obtained the blood assassin gear as they were in the spectre chests. As for chasing the npc to steal I would only ever do that if it were at my location and the the jail wasn't too far away.
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18-10-2020 22:44

Blood Assassin. I really am fond of the color scheme.
18-10-2020 23:14

Egg thief or the witch

The 2 that gave useful items
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