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10-10-2020 19:28

just a thought, I'd like to see

A House of Doom in honor of a MOD working hard to create events for players entertainment.
Would be a house to enter, walls dripping with blood and Bacon strips showing everywhere.
You can fight creatures for EXP, chance of a special drop like bloody bacon,
example 30 HP when cooked.
Rats can occasionally bite you for 1 damage during any creature fight.
A random pet drop of a freaked out scaredy cat.
Maybe a special Bloody Sword you were almost killed with.
a drop of an smelly burnt fish collected by a spoiled NCP garbage container collector item.
Possibly with enter buttons according to levels so all can have a chance fighting in their level ranges.

Positive feed back for my post welcome.
If you have ideas or suggestions please respectfully create your own post for them.

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Mr. Addy
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10-10-2020 20:05

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Dark Neroxus
10-10-2020 20:11

So hey there, firstly I like the idea of a haunted house.

So firstly I was thinking this could actually be a 3 Holiday event, so as you are likely aware, in Syrnia we operate on a 3 major Holiday system. Easter, Halloween and Christmas, what we could do is incorporate Easter Bunnies House of fun, Witches Haunted house and Jack Frost's Ice Palace.

each seasonal House would cater to different actions, easter is usually speed orientated so could revolve around moving from spot to spot to gather items as quickly as possible.

Witches haunted house could be going spot to spot fighting creatures for rewards or avoiding traps and pits.

Jack frost is ice and christmas so each spot could have something to cater to such as clearing events, combat etc.

So the way it would work is the haunted house has a work link available from a certain time till a certain time. for examples sake lets use an hour from 18:00 to 19:00 an hour from 08:00 to 09:00 and 22:00 to 23:00 that should cover a wide range of time zones.

once the link is availible every participant has an hour to enter, once you are in you are transported to House Entrance from there you use the map or center space/ town menu to navigate the house and complete the actions. as a group or individual you have an hour so the more rooms you clear the more rewards you are likely to get within the hour before being teleported out of the house.
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10-10-2020 21:50

Like the idea, Nero.
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10-10-2020 22:51

You are attacking one Dark Neroxus at Haunted House(10).
11-10-2020 03:22

Like the ideas guys...

Also, I think Durins_Bane has auto reply on for No, seems his standard answer to everything new. Someone should check into that
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11-10-2020 06:15

@ Dark Neroxus like your idea as well, some ideas combined might be fun.
Hoping to see a house happen.

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