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07-10-2020 00:09

My idea is being able to make fertilizer from burnt fish for gardens.
Each type of burnt fish with its own % of reduced growing time when used.

I think would greatly help new players gardens for food to help get started
also with those with fairly small gardens getting started to higher levels using such increased amounts of food.
An increased use of seeds or demand for them.
Puts a value to the burnt fish item, making a use for the item as well as another feature to do in game.
Maybe another way of gaining exp. for farming by having to grind burnt fish & spread on garden.
Possible more than one quest to be able to use a burnt fish grinder at certain levels according to type of fish.
Mr. Addy
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07-10-2020 11:33

My only concern is that it would drive the price of seeds up.

Also Burnts kind of do have a use though not a huge one, you can find thieve shops at jail locations For someone like me who can’t access the thieving guild because I’m a pirate and we were left out of the equation.

Burnt also can be found in shops to help deter someone from attempting to thieve there things. Not a big use but technically a use...

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07-10-2020 15:28

I don't think seed prices would greatly change as maybe create more players wanting to do more of existing features to collect their own seeds as well, making areas of game used more.

I'm not familiar with much of the pirates options but if they also use seeds they must also have gardens, where this suggestion might be able to be added to pirates as well.
Pirates have more gp options such as chests so I'm sure a bit of a price change could be managed by all.
If they feel left out surely they are able to make suggestions to possibly improve that aspect of game.
Only users can reply.

Forum -> Feedback -> a use for burnt fish

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