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25-09-2020 17:27

The Rise Of Carnage

The Rise Of Carnage was created on the 13/10/2019 by Savage and Deathspank.

We created this clan with the mindset of growth in helping each other to have an enjoyable gaming experience, assist our members with the support that they need to expedite their individual growth, and a quality membership.

We have a wide range of players. We have from the very beginning player to the more advanced player. Our ultimate goal is to build an active, self-sustaining, and respectful clan.

We are not looking for free resources from you, but we do encourage you to be a valued member of our clan and help other members as you see fit. After all, you only get out of something what you put into it. And in doing so, we will help you as well with what you need.

We encourage you to visit with us and see if we are a fit for you.

Here's a link to our current members:

As you can see, we are by no means a big family yet, but what we are is an active bunch and hungry for even more players to join us!

If you are interested in visiting or joining LoC then shoot (Leader) Savage or (Co-Leader) deathspank a message.

We look forward to seeing you in green!
Proud Leader Of LoC
Mr. Addy
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Only users can reply.

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