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31-07-2020 12:02

could you add then new ogre/elven items to eully market with a price? as an idea make ogre shield around 700-800gp? with less new players and alot of players combating i feel most clans who have spent time at town will have a stock pile of these and seems a good way to make more gp for players
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31-07-2020 15:48

lol this is likely the exact reason they didnt want to add theres far too much money in the game
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Bacon of Doom
31-07-2020 15:49

Definitely a no from me.
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31-07-2020 16:19

I feel like the market link should simply be deleted if the mindset is that no more items should be given sell prices because there's too much gold in the game.

Unless people want to work together and come up with a comprehensive way to nerf all "overpowered" prices so more can be added but everything sells for less, I don't see the point in having it.

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Dark Neroxus
31-07-2020 16:27

tie price values to trading level xD make the gits work for their gold xD
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31-07-2020 16:37

NPC values should exist for every item in game.

You may as well call it the item deletion button if there is not going to be a price.

It helps set the market value for players as well. But you could incorporate the trading skill into it. The higher your trading level the more you can get. like a % increase from base.

It would actually give the skill a more feasible use in the game rather than a gold sink hole for little to no benefit.

And about there being too much GP in the game..if there is an issue with that, i would gladly take donations as im not seeing the same problemz_
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31-07-2020 22:22

so we're gonna have npc prices like Movoda? .. i don't like that idea
01-08-2020 02:09

NPC Prices for almost all items is far from a terrible idea, if anything it's a good thing.

Its unlikely that people of some professions will be able to sell all their items, therefore a merchant willing to buy things for a low end price helps professions at least claw something back after a bad batch. Otherwise there does indeed need to be an option to bin things.

The problem with the amount of currency in the game will not be affected by this if you do it properly and the purpose of NPC merchants in games are typically to provide the absolute worst price possible if you really cannot find anyone else willing to buy it. Slightly less of a requirement to need to sell things given inventories are not limited and you could hold them indefinitely but even so...

If you are concerned of too much gold, it needs to be tackled at the higher end of the game, more things in later levels to sink gold into, that is not an excuse to bin the idea off.
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Bacon of Doom
01-08-2020 07:29

Ok, knock a zero off the npc price off of ogre items, double or triple those prices for elven, and have the shields fall in those same values, maybe 60 gp for ogre, 180 for elven. This gives somewhere for fighters to dump their items still, and gives a value to some items. So should burnts have a sell price at eully if all items have one?
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Our mouths are clean, our hands are dirty!

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01-08-2020 09:56

Remove Elven Shield as a combat drop.
Remove the creature that drops it from Elven Plains.
Elven Plains then becomes an afk spot between outpost and town.
Add Elven Shield to Elven NPC Shop.

Remove Eagles from invasions.
Add Eagle Boots and Bald Eagle Boits to NPC shops based on player trading lvl.

Add another Speed Suit to Anasco for lvl 60 speed. Increase the break rate on all speed items so that they may actually need replaced in a decade.

Add tiered Lockpicks to NPC shop at increased prices for reduced times that are unsilkable.

This could be done with nets and fishing rods too.

Add more Food Options to the Bread Shop. Some people may be willing to pay 3gp per hp on food just for the option of not having to wait or travel for deals.

Add Scrolls to the Calmere Shop at 100k gp min each.
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01-08-2020 11:45

^ No
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