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14-07-2020 22:01

Chaos Reborn

Ahoy! Thank you for checking out our Recruitment Ad. Chaos Reborn [-CR-] was Co-Founded by RisingNova and Myself on February 27th, 2020. We were looking to create something new and the hopes of building a Self-Sufficient Community where Players work together to help with Personal/Clan goals. A real Clan, a Kindred, a Family. One for all, All for one.

We do not expect you to give everything but we do want to develop as a team.


2 Week Visit so we can all get to know each other
Clan Vote on joining Every Voice Matters, No Matter How New
Team orient/supportive
Have fun

*Currently in Need of a Chef who would like to grow with us, but all welcome to apply*

If you would like to join us, Please Copy the Application and send to Ragnar. After that, we can have a chat and get to know each other so you can come along for the Ride.


1) Tell us a little bout yourself?

2) Whats your fav skill?

3) what are your current Goals in Game?

4) Why are you looking to leave your current clan, or Stop Playing Solo?

Thank you for your time

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Mr. Addy
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18-05-2021 01:47

'All you gotta say Is something short lol' - Rich

but nah, good people, warm place. lots of fun when i was visiting. if you pick this place, you could easily do worse.
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09-10-2021 16:41

Just wanted to say thanks for allowing me to come visit CR.

Cracking group of players who are willing to help anyone who needs help. See you again soon!
11-10-2021 03:19

Good luck, Clan Chaos Reborn! Your requirements are cool, sincere and intelligent. I feel like your clan is awesome for a lot of players who are looking for safe and supportive spaces to enjoy their game. Sending my best wishes!
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