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29-06-2020 12:52

Bunch of Addicts [-BA-]

We are a new clan built on the idea of family and working together. We are opening the clan to friendly fun people who want to have a blast and make fun of brownie with me. Sometimes we will be able to have mature conversations, but most times we are here to have fun! So we hope to find people who understand that.

We will have a voting on every clan member and visitor however it will be at clan discretion. Brownie and I are extremely excited to get going (not that excited you perverts..) and already started with the set up of clan.

If you want to be part of this new clan or just would like to visit, please let us know!

Edited on 29-06-2020 13:28
[0]10:01 Waiting for Zuvan...

[3] 22:29 (Mod)Prometheus[TSoH]: naw, not really.
[3] 22:29 (Mod)Prometheus[TSoH]: Zuvan -- Muted

[2]14:05 (Mod)Moderator: Zuvan - No Red Chat for you!
Mr. Addy
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29-06-2020 14:25

I sincerely want to wish you and Brown the best of luck in creating a great place to enjoy the game without agitation or drama. I'm looking forward to see it.

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[2]06:26 Crystal[~FoS~]: I hate that you can make me laugh.
29-06-2020 15:47

Cute guys, great snuggles. Would recommend this clan.
[2]16:56 (Mod)Moderator: *spies a Rat Asteroid*

Property of Queenie[O.G.]

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Naruto Uzumaki
29-06-2020 16:13

These guys owe me money! I am eating all brownies I can find as vengeance!
29-06-2020 23:37

The proof is in the Brown..pudding. Best of luck guys, if you need any help just yell.
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30-06-2020 07:39

Good Luck Brownie and Zuvan xx
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30-06-2020 17:03

10/10 do recommend!
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