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28-06-2020 18:35

Should we have a combat confirm link like on event critters for the following location as they have other skills there? The links are fairly close together.

Mining - Mount Tirnus
Woodcutting - Kingswood Forest

Also counts for any other location with a combat/ skill link close together.
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28-06-2020 18:42

Might as well as just add it to combat as a whole.
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28-06-2020 19:17

should be good addition.
exactly how we have for invasions.. it confirms us to either we want to fight or not.
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28-06-2020 19:26

That is a good idea. I hope they will add it.
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28-06-2020 19:41

I've been caught off guard a couple times at kingswood already. Yes from me.
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28-06-2020 20:32


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28-06-2020 21:28

Kinda neutral about this one, after all they are separated links and gives fighters an extra action to make (imagine when thrown out to town by a botcheck, that's annoying xD)
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28-06-2020 23:28

28-06-2020 23:42

I'd argue no, a confirmation link isn't needed but this is because it's a bigger problem that the entire UI itself is outdated and not intuitive. The whole layout needs a realistic rethink and the addition of this feels like a half arsed workaround to the actual problem.
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28-06-2020 23:59

Yes. The current links are too small / close together, and the game shouldn't punish you for something for trivial. The option already exists in events, so it should apply to all combat locations.
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29-06-2020 00:13

lol all combat locations is kinda extreme aint it?
why not we mess up the full UI so no one can use it without getting frustrated xD

There has been people complaining for years about having to do one extra click when a bot kicks you from fight to town, so one more click just because would be the source of a lot of frustration.

Edit: On a second thought, and aiming to make everyone happy, it could be implemented as an optional feature (e.g. donation perk, free option)

Edited on 29-06-2020 00:21
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