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25-06-2020 21:27

Earlier I streamed myself smithing the first tiromyth axe. Excuse my foul language and obnoxious laugh.
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25-06-2020 21:30

i legit laughed so hard when that happened XD
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25-06-2020 21:34

Ridiculously unfortunate, lol. But congrats on smithing the very first tiromyth axe in the game.
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[2]06:26 Crystal[~FoS~]: I hate that you can make me laugh.
25-06-2020 22:12

I thought this was a joke... Totally wasn't.
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25-06-2020 22:24

Worth watching just for barun's reaction XD
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Dark Neroxus
25-06-2020 23:42

there should be more syrnia related videos! this was rather enjoyable xD
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26-06-2020 01:10

Could be karma for your shirt
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26-06-2020 01:25

26-06-2020 01:31

It was hillarious xD
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26-06-2020 02:23

that's a yikes from me dawg
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27-06-2020 02:58

thats funny as xxxx <3 it!!
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27-06-2020 03:05

haha damm
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27-06-2020 07:43

Could have been worse though. It could have been a +1...

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01-07-2020 03:27

I don't get why its the worst thing that could have happened. Wouldn't you want to hard silk it anyway?
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01-07-2020 04:11

lmao! great clip
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[3]22:42 00hed[CFH]: A wolf in sheep's clothing? Haha
01-07-2020 23:37

Never thought Twitch and Syrnia would go hand in hand. Glad it did, that reaction was priceless!
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