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22-06-2020 00:24

What first brought you here?

For me, it was back in 2009/10 when I was trying to find a game similar to Runescape, and I stuck around because of you guys

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~Sol~ :D

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5th March 2020.
Mr. Addy
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22-06-2020 00:29

After a year of teasing my brother for playing a lame game where you can't even see what you're doing, he told me to at least try it before calling it lame.

Over 12 years later, I'm still here lol.
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22-06-2020 00:31

My grandmother played 13-14 years ago, and i would watch her play everyday. I made my first account about 12 years ago in a library and hid it from my mom who told me not to play
That account was removed due to inactivity, and Hatertot was creates a few years later
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22-06-2020 00:32

Started a nightshift IT job back in 2005. In 2007 Head Office in Atlanta, Georgia blocked online movie streaming sites and WinAmp feeds.
So I Googled "text adventure" as I enjoyed them back in the 1980s, having both written them and played them.

Once through the tutorial realized I could run it in the background... and am still here

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22-06-2020 00:35

Bex, does your brother even still play? xD
~Sol~ :D

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5th March 2020.
Lando Calrissian
22-06-2020 00:39

Midwest & I played a mmo (shoutout Tibia) and were looking for similar games after being banned. Somehow stumbled upon this game after many minutes of Ask Jeeves'ing. Would have been 2007/8. I wanted my name to be either Beavis or Cornholio, cant remember, but one of them was taken so I went with the other.
22-06-2020 00:41

He does, Stein, the big noob.

Since then, my mum joined as a joke after talking to a clannie on MSN, my little brother joined to mess with us all in chat, I marred Loki after meeting him and shortly after, his brother joined as well. Now I also have a sister in-law, nephew and niece playing.. or at least, they log in on occasion to say hi lol.
12:21 fraggelmupp[TLO]: cant believe i agree with bex, but she is right!

06:58 Borneo[C.]: Bexy is a rockstar

15:50 Evil Mage[~ADV~]: I am a pretty much useless tool on most days :P
22-06-2020 00:46

Oh wow! A whole family affair then
~Sol~ :D

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5th March 2020.
22-06-2020 00:59

My grandpa Cancun

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Dark Neroxus
22-06-2020 01:00

it was like 2006 I was playing adventurequest and some other games but they were dull so I typed in browser RPG and found Syrnia.

joined the game to saucywhooper and I think it was another welcoming me and being helpful, I joined the Temple of Taalia clan and the rest is history.
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22-06-2020 02:59

Goodness. I wish I could remember exactly how I found this weird place. All I know is that I was perhaps twelve or thirteen and was just looking online for games to play. Maybe I did the original "games like Runescape", but that information is now lost to time.

I got my brother to play perhaps three days after I started, and he's been around since. Still proud of that.

The playerbase gave me a great first impression when I started, and I joined clan Vertity. The leader was inapix, and she was really cool. I can't remember too many other names from the very beginning, but I don't think any players from Vertity are still around, sadly.

I had limited computer access for my first few years of playing, but I logged in wherever and whenever I could. Syrnia had me hook, line, and sinker.

I remember that I was grounded from the computer (which was in my dad's office) sometime in my first few years playing, but HECK MAN! It was during Christmas time when Celebration Island was open! "Not playing Syrnia" was simply not an option. So I went to my bedroom and figured out that I could log into Syrnia via my Nintendo Wii's internet browser (yes, they have those). Therefore, I did not miss that Christmas. >

So many memories over the years. Once again, no idea how I found it, but I'm sure it was a Google search of some kind.

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22-06-2020 04:01

A guy at the skatepark actually showed me the game and it looked interesting so I tested it out. Turns out I liked it and been playing ever since. This was around 2007 I think. Anyways afterwards my rl brother started playing also and still plays to this day also.
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22-06-2020 15:07

True story. I had just seen the Simpsons episode (Marge Gamer) where Marge joins an online game (Earthland Realms). I had never played that sort of game before and it tweaked my interest, so in looking for games like Earthland Realms, I landed here. IIRC, there was an Earthland Realms game at the time, but it was just a spammy unfair sort of quick money maker that didn't in any way resemble the one on the Simpsons.
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22-06-2020 16:08

I have a feeling many of you were looking for a Runescape alternative, like me...

Back in 2005 I was doing a google search for "games like runescape" or something like that.... Frankly I didn't want to pay (or my parents at this time) wasn't going to pay to be a "member" which practically you had to do to get most of the game.... Stumbled upon a forum and a post from a user named "floppypillow" I am pretty sure he doesn't play anymore, but that posted made me try it out, and this was very very early in the game when M2H was very active at the time with updates and such, which kind of spoiled me.

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22-06-2020 16:24

Back in 2006 a group of us at Target Corporation IT dept started to play. Well they did. Quagmire, tallone, and maybe another. They would talk about all the wood they got, and of course, we would laugh. Then one some more guys in the department started to play. I joined shortly thereafter, Jan 2007. We had a whole clan in our office.
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22-06-2020 16:27

I played Barafranca which is a maffia game where you can get killed and at that moment lost everything. (Which i didn't liked when i died). So i searched for other text based games where you don't lost everything ghehe.

Still lost quite some stuff while dying though ghehe...
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22-06-2020 17:28

When I was in highschool, I think when I was 15 years old, a classmate told me about "this game that is a bit like runescape, but with text. His name was 'ill skullman'. I think I lasted about 14 years longer than him. Apparently I ended up liking this game just a tad more. Oh and this, 'Sephiroth', is NOT my first account.

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22-06-2020 17:31

It was a dark night on Dark Swords, I was wandering through a thick pond maze full of dead men and sirens and the oddball black swan then I went up into a dangerous forest to play with the wild boars and elf archers and huntsmen and the magic trees among other things. Then LuciousKri chatted with me about this new Mysterious game called Syrnia and Bing Bang Boom 13+Years later here I continue. Few of us came from Dark Swords back in 2007 Been ups and downs happy returned was missing yall <3
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22-06-2020 17:44

Akkarin told me to play, I joined under protest as I thought it seemed silly.

I still think it seems silly, but its been 4950 days so maybe I'm silly?
22-06-2020 22:01

I was playing TribalWars (around 12/13 years ago?) and was a member of a random tribe. A player messaged me in-game suggesting I try Syrnia out. At the time, I think they were just trying to gain rewards out of the referral system.
That player was ZingZangZong (I think) and I joined his clan, [*CHI*]. My original account was deleted for inactivity, but I later rejoined to catch up with old friends and have played on and off since.

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Cruz Nairb
23-06-2020 01:07

I remember being 13 and having the day off school with a cold. That evening I sat on my computer bored and googled 'games like runescape'. I can't recall if Syrnia was the first I tried but it certainly stuck.

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23-06-2020 01:53

2001?-ish, I introduced an ex to D2 LoD...& 2005ish he started playing with these dudes that were rocking the Ladder & Baal runs. I played some.
May 2008-They told me about Syrnia & I joined.
PvP, V, HE, GoL,+ all FoS now, FFX then.
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23-06-2020 04:25

It was a cold day in 2007 when...

I was just looking for a runescape type game...
23-06-2020 09:18

Shady and moms dragged me here from mostwqntedgame (a long dead mafia based game).... they both went inactive and I just hung around.
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G Bob
23-06-2020 09:57

by mistake. I went to an internet cafe, took a long night, and after 3 h I was bored. Than I remembered that my new class mate is from ... an africa country, so I googled a few, and than I entered Siria (I know now its not from Africa )But I typed it wrong, like Sirnia.
And thats it
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