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14-06-2020 08:08

Following suit in sharing information about the scrolls

To get ancient wood, you need to be at Kingswood Forest with a couple of things:

- Scroll of Ancient Wood (which MUST be in your inventory)
- Woodcutting level 65
- Patience... they do NOT drop often.

And when I say they don't drop often, I am on minimum timer at Kingswood and have spent about 60 hours here in total, and I only have 6. I know for sure one was a double drop.

You were able to collect 6 logs from this tree. You were able to collect 2 ancient logs from this tree.

Unlike the mining scroll, the woodcutting one is not restricted by time/days it seems, as I have got ancient wood on 4 different days of the week.


Tirnus Plateau - having a scroll in your inventory makes it possible to get ancient wood at Tirnus Plateau. However, it is MUCH rarer. 1 ancient wood a month seems to be the average.

I hope this helps

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14-06-2020 08:13

Cheers Aussie Thanks
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14-06-2020 09:03

I can share a bit of date about the rarity of the drop too: I have the scroll for 2 weeks now and I've been in Kingswood forest almost non-stop. With lvl 91 I have a timer of around 180 depending on crowding. I found in total 4 ancient wood. The first 2 dropped in the same week after finding the scroll and they dropped on different days. Then I had a week with no drop of ancient wood and then I found 2 in my inventory which probably was a double drop like aussie had too.

Edited on 14-06-2020 09:32
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09-03-2021 00:20

The note above says level 65 required for ancient wood. I just got 1 ancient wood just before hitting level 65: Woodcutting level: 64 (2279508 exp, 6485 for next level). I have been cutting for several days here holding a Scroll of ancient wood.
09-03-2021 10:50

Thank you Aussie for info <3
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Forum -> Help -> How to get Ancient Wood

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