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21-05-2020 01:31

I am very impressed with the Calmere Island update. The quests are entertaining, the skills and combat are meaningful and the island advances the game for lower, mid and high level players. I'm sure this was a monumental effort by the game staff and you should be congratulated for a job well done!
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Cruz Nairb
21-05-2020 01:43

Enjoying exploring the new content very much. Thank you to everyone who contributed.
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21-05-2020 02:24

Seriously! This is awesome. And from some quest dialogue and the news post we still have not seen everything that is either here or coming on the way.

All of the new combat locations are amazing, and all already fit a great spot that was missing, or overcrowded before.

New gold mine on mains is a wonderful thing to have... and to have yetis you can fight when not mining is a very welcome thing.

Quests have been fun, I love the "troll toll" always sunny reference.

The rock gathering with moldy chests dropping is nice if you really need rocks.

I didn't do much searching the forest yet but it seems rewarding.

All in all a very awesome update.
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21-05-2020 02:50

I'm absolutely blown away at how much work must have gone into making this island. So far, it seems like it was definitely worth the wait.

Thanks so much for letting me explore a new island!
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21-05-2020 03:59

Thank you to everyone for the time, effort and attention to detail put into making it! <3
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21-05-2020 05:52

hear! hear!
21-05-2020 09:27

I'm astonished by the amount of care into this new island. I really like how it has something for everyone but also shifts the meta that was stagnant for a long time. Still, there's obviously alot more unseen stuff we're not aware of yet, shrouded in exciteful mystery. Thank you for your hard work, it's well deserved.

Edited on 21-05-2020 09:28
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21-05-2020 09:38

thank you game staff very much for all your input and efforts required to make the new island, monsters, items and more
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21-05-2020 14:25

Agree with this!

Hats off to you. superb
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21-05-2020 20:37

Nicely done, something to do for everyone.

Not sure another bass location was needed, would have liked to see something like specifically sharks with added timer like abydos or something.

Would also have liked to see more than 20 maps found.
Before anyone gets defendant blah blah blah this is feedback

Overall, a nice addition to the game, and there's still more things unknown for the community to figure out which is nice it wasnt released all at one time.

10/10 Thanks Bex and Team.
21-05-2020 20:46

I like it
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22-05-2020 04:26

Thank You, This is awesome
23-05-2020 22:25

5 out of 5 Stars!
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