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Johnny Walker
04-05-2020 19:00

trade is the only skill which has no clothing/tools available at higher levels. I recommend some sort of trade gear, like a wallet or a moneyclip or a business suit of some sort available to high level traders which when worn would protect a % of gold youre carrying from being stolen. Thank you for considering
Mr. Addy
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04-05-2020 19:04

no, don't turn the thieving skill into the lockpicking skill
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Bacon of Doom
04-05-2020 19:41

Wouldnt wearing an anti thieving suit make someone a bigger target for thieves?
Im all for suits that actually do things, i say send this one back to the planning stages.
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04-05-2020 22:16

idk, thieving shops has already been nerfed i heard, might be not worth doing thieving for the people who likes it if this gets implemented.
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04-05-2020 22:16

nah, no need to nerf thieving even more than it has been.
04-05-2020 22:38

how about the opposite, a thief suit that improves your chances of thieving?
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Johnny Walker
04-05-2020 23:57

fooz -you mean thieving isnt already the lockpicking skill? what ratio of your thieving xp comes from thieving? mine is at least 90% from guild jobs but really how many can say that?

scary - this is a rudimentary concept not a finished proposal. it hasnt even made it to planning stage

felix & AA- i think the impact to thieving skill would be minimal. if a person needed level 80 (or higher) trade to equip it, it would be a roughly 3.5m investment to get one, plus whatever materials, gp, etc necessary to get the finished product, so it isnt like everyone would be wearing it. its more of a boost to the trade skill than a nerf to thief skill.

twitxhy - Im all for balance. I wonder if the naysayers would be for your suggestion but still against a trade suit.
05-05-2020 00:11

Its nice someone thought about it, but what is the objective?

Look how many people could use it? If given X level? 80? 80 if were lucky someone will hit this year, probably next year and that is stretching it.

Esnow (75), Clydex if that person keeps up the pace and myself and that is pushing it.

I can get to 75 this year, but it takes months to trade trade up 1 level at this point and a huge amount of gold. Insane.

There was an item added to Trade Skill a bit ago. Safes for shops.

Perhaps other economics could be built into the game or items.

Pay less Cave of Trade fees so using it would encourage the Trade Skill or Trade Suit items. That way the CoT would be used to exchange items more frequently without physically going to a place. If that idea sucks then move on to another.

Open a single regional shop at X level instead of opening one per location. I don't recall what level but at some point you can search the Region for items and find out values, names of shops and so forth. Be easier and encourage people who have lots of shops to get their Trade up. Fewer shops would be an advantage to keep track of less.

Maybe a trade suit item could allow you to have a Portable Trade location on you. That way as long as one of you is a Trader of X skill with X item you open up your own spot so no drop trading necessary.

Who knows. Maybe if your a Pirate and a Trader of X level you can deal in Blackmarket goods or something or open up some shop with items you can only get on Mains in the Pirate areas or vice versa.

Have an item you could use at level 50, 60, 70, etc. A camel or Saddebags or something. It saves 1 items in the OL, then 2, then 3, etc. Crossing the OL would be slightly less dangerous (ie Silk Trade Route kind of thing)

Just some ideas to encourage thing kind of thinking.
Thank you

Edited on 05-05-2020 00:19
Johnny Walker
05-05-2020 00:38

lots of interesting ideas there deepscar im happy to see someone interacting with the idea.

Safes are for sure a very nice boon for trading, but you cant wear them. the premise of the idea is that traders should have something to equip too, because it looks cool and makes you feel good when you can wear it.

the levels needed to equip such gear would have to be scrutinized to prevent imbalancing the game, making trade overly powerful or nerfing thieving. I particularly like the idea of a mobile trading ability. this would be a nice tool for a trader and wouldnt any detrimental effect on thieving.

if nothing else a trade suit would be a way to encourage some wealthy hoarders to sell and spend and get involved in a new skill - great for economy.
05-05-2020 01:33

Anything that impacts thieving is a no from me simply because people are too lazy to actually put it to use in Player Thief/shop heist/CoT Outbid Thief's(even with safes).

the premise of the idea is that traders should have something to equip too, because it looks cool and makes you feel good when you can wear it.

Absolutely not, more cosmetics is the last thing Syrnia needs.

A portable trading system would be cool.. so long as it only lets you use it on the same side of the Outlands you are
Johnny Walker
05-05-2020 01:55

the fact that so many thieves are against it is the best evidence of how poorly utilized and unbalanced trade is as a skill. thanks to all the naysayers for driving that point home

and in case you missed it AA, it is not a purely cosmetic suggestion. it is a matter of balancing trade to make it more desirable to players and have some of the perks other skills enjoy, like bone picks
05-05-2020 02:32

Something could be done within the current game system that is still valuable. Thinking of fun stuff, or improvements or abilities, or whatever you like that don't have a negative impact on other skills is a good idea.

Instead of it being a negative to Thieving how about you specifically open a Black Market stall for both skills? As we have timers on spots being taken by Creatures / Pirates and so forth you could have a timer for skill. "This stall last stolen from successfully by XYZ on such and such a day, X Thieving skill gained" "This stall not been stolen from in a week, Trader X gets 500 gold pieces" Stalls could be open based on Trade Skill level on various regions as they are based on difficulty or rewards anyway. Might be garbage but just throwing something out that is a win - win.

The portable trade location could have multiple possibilities. Be at the same location, but not a 'typical' trade spot. Or in the same Region or whatever.

On the topic of items.
Items are added close to every holiday and they are sold for small fortunes during and after. So while I do agree we don't need more items I don't see it being outrageous to add one or something which already has a graphic or simple or something. Fairy items, Halloween items, Christmas, and on and on.

Anyway. Have a good one all.
17-05-2020 04:41

I like the idea of trading getting some special bling... but maybe a suit that has multiple buffs on it and it is bound to the player who buys it and the purchase of which is only allowed at a certain trading level? So for instance the trading suit gives a 15 sec immunity benefit for marketers to run through the OLs but after 15 secs you are vulnerable again... and maybe it lets you sell items to the Market in Eully for 50% more or perhaps it allows you to mail order items from shops in remote locations or set up a zoo for all your menagerie of collectible items and charge an entry fee (but you have to be attending for the timer to run and make money on the zoo.
Dark Neroxus
17-05-2020 09:12

Just remove trading and replace it with something else...

What I mean is the structure of the trading skill can still be applied but reformed to make a new skill better utilizing the skill position.

if you want to keep the trading name, offer tiny exp for trades, offer better exp for COT sales and offer a better scaling structure that can be akin to other skills. you can study construction but the benefits heavily outweighs that of trading. you even have SH to gain exp from where as trading is literally just studying.

A new suit wont fix the poor poor situation of the skill, suits killed the speed skill outright.

the only benefit for training speed now is better chance for flowers.

Edited on 17-05-2020 17:30
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20-05-2020 23:37

As Dark said here.

Speed has a use, you use it all time and get flowers at least. Also your mount dies you walk. There are a ton of speed items too. Spells support it too. It was integrated from the start.

Every player participates in Speed, even by accident.

How many in Trade? Note I don't care about items as much as the ability to do something unique.
For those making any change consider the amount of time and gold coin invested to get the Trade level to X. Any person who trained it to higher levels knows it is the most useless skill in the game, but it also had the smallest number of people doing anything with it or about it too.

As was said, anyone who trained Trading would have been far far better off to train Construction. Could sell ships, build ships for exp, homes built, or participate in the Pirate stuff.

Right now some do it for the ability to gain access to areas, but outside that?

However it works, it works. Its not a blatant complaint.
I hope if there is a change in the works that it is thought out so it benefits the structure of the game perhaps helping other skills. Any negative does not even pay to implement.

I'll be at Maadi, g'day all.
Johnny Walker
22-05-2020 06:03

Ive suggested before adding xp to sales. The reasoning against is that clans can abuse it by making endless sales to each other.

You could implement it and add a timer to shop sales, which would limit abuse but not prevent it. It would also make shopping more tedious if buying a lot and significantly nerf thief skill.

I wouldn't say no one trains trade for trading. I am not a high level trader but I do have shops that occasionally turn a profit. I enjoy serving the community in this way, helping others find the things they want, even if some players think it is immoral for me to profit off others work. And although we are small in number there are still a few other shopkeepers that do a good business.

Still, a very small portion of the community, like 1% and thats probably for the best. No one would gather anything if everyone was a trader.

Im happy to see the new University added. I choose to be optimistic and hope it is the promise of something good in the future for the small but important group of traders that

When your clannies are offline and you need a pair of eagle boots, or if youre in a hurry and your horse dies, or you need gems fast for an enchant during holidays when houses and stockhouses are closed, you might be happy to know there are still a few merchants out there to serve you for a small fee

In the meantime I will continue to train trade as much as I can afford (it takes so long and so expensive) to acquire better safes so I can lower prices, protect my assets better, and better serve the community as a humble shopkeeper.
Cruz Nairb
22-05-2020 06:28

Johnny Walker, you could simply add a cap or timer to the exp gained from shop sales, not cap the sales themselves.
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Johnny Walker
22-05-2020 13:30

Cruz, that is a good suggestion to limit abuse, but it still doesn't stop it. On the positive side it would encourage lower prices to get more sales making a nice boon to the economy.
23-05-2020 04:54

How about a thieving suit that helps lonely thieves steal wallets and Money Clips and Business Suits right off of unsuspecting fools?
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Johnny Walker
23-05-2020 05:01

Thats not an enrirey bad idea, but it would make thieving very powerful. It would need balance.

You could call it 'The Red Hand' and it allows you to steal parts of a players outfit. But, if you get caught 'red handed' you lose it to the player who caught you.
23-05-2020 18:33

Please for the love of god just fix the crowding timer. I actually don't care about any new updates for the skill, I just can't see the point of having a +5 second timer for the already slowest skill in the game by a large margin......

Literally just 3 people working there makes my max exp per hour 960. Max exp in a skill under 1k per hour is wild to me, I hope others see that and make crowding timers like +2 for trading. It's such a small change I don't see how it could hurt.
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23-05-2020 19:04

I really agree with clydex, for the one skill that has 0 level scaling for its exp gain and had no resource generation, the timer shouldn’t also be gimped. Also considering your trading level can’t even reduce it passed 1 minute.

As for a trade suit and sort of variant, it just would make trade seem kinda more of a joke skill than it already is. Everyone would just train to that particular level and then stop, similar to how people use speed suits.

I do like the idea of a mobile trading post though.
The level gap in trading perks seems to go 10 levels the 5 and 5 again. So after detailed world search at 75, at 80 have a quest available somewhere to unlock the ability to use Mobile TP.
Which would let you go to any space and place a “tp” for you to use.
At level 90 the first upgrade to the mobile Tp possibly could be that you can trade with people a space away from you, ie: if you were at port senyn could trade with someone at Harith.
And then every rotation of 10 5 5 levels would add another “hex” to your trade influence.
Would make the insane gold cost (7 million gp from 80-100) actually worth it in some regard.
23-05-2020 19:27

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