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10-04-2020 00:13

Deep in the annals of Syrnian history, there exist legends which tell of the race of fairies, who came to populate this world well before humans. Fairies quickly became attuned to the powers of nature, and, over time, they learned to harness the deep magics of the land to the benefit of their race.

Through the millennia, fairies have chosen to remain hidden as they observed the rise and fall of new civilizations. In modern times, the only race aware of their existence are the elves, as they, also, live closely to the magics permeating their world, giving the fairies a certain sense of kinship.

After the rise of mankind and their gradual colonization of Syrnia, fairies began to show a keen interest in this race, even beginning to grow attached to some individuals and groups.

At some point, a fairy decided it wanted to bestow a gift upon mankind, so it captured and tamed a wild rabbit. This unique bunny, having been raised with the fairies, was given a life far different from others of its species. Due to its constant exposure to fairy magic, this bunny grew physically larger than average and was also given the gift of conscious thought, no longer a slave to its simple, carnal desires.

The bunny was eventually taught how to manipulate and control magic. Soon thereafter, the bunny was told its true purpose: to visit the many islands of Syrnia, bringing joy to the humans, who so desperately craved a holiday from their mundane lives.

Today, this bunny is known as the "Easter Bunny".

Growing in its knowledge and understanding of mankind, the Easter Bunny learned to create colorful, chocolate eggs with the intention of hiding them across Syrnia at a certain time of year for the joy of those who stumbled upon them. It also carried gifts with it as it traveled, and Syrnians were encouraged to try and steal the gifts from the Easter Bunny.

Unfortunately, in the year 2019, there appeared a tricky bandit who appeared intent on stealing as many of the Easter Bunny's eggs as he possibly could.

This "Egg Thief" traveled from island to island, seeking and stealing Easter eggs. However, he hadn't anticipated mankind following him and stealing the eggs back.

No matter where he went, he was found and harassed by those from whom he meant to steal eggs.

In the year 2020, outraged by his failure the prior year, the Egg Thief came early and managed to steal all of the eggs without the Syrnians taking notice!

Upon realizing what'd happened, the Easter Bunny had had enough. It had poured its heart and soul into creating and hiding those eggs, only for the Egg Thief to come and veritably ruin things this time around.

The Easter Bunny has hopped away, seeking help from the one who raised him.

If there is a way to recover the eggs, the Spring Fairy will know, it thought as it twitched its nose.

If she can rally the Syrnians to figure out how to outmaneuver the Thief and retrieve the Easter eggs, perhaps the holidays won't be spoiled after all...
Mr. Addy
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Forum -> Legendarium -> A Tale of Rabbits and Fairies

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