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28-03-2020 10:13

I write this through tear-filled eyes. By best mate in game has ascended to another plane. Another player was advised by his family that Aelias lost the hardest fight of his life last Monday. He endured a lot and fought to the end.

He was my best-mate in game for over 11 years, I could never catch him in woodcutting when times were good. He had a great sense of humour, and loved a laugh. He loved the Syrnian community for being there for him, though many of you never knew his strength. I spent countless hours messaging positive thoughts, he was like my little brother.

The last few years, he confided in few. Many times expressed to me his love for Kevalaa, though they were unlikely to ever meet. She was a driving force for him and enabled him to prolong his playing time.

My heart goes out to his family, and Kev,

Vale SirDrinks_Alot (Aelias)

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28-03-2020 10:15

So sorry to hear of his passing. RIP Aelias.
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28-03-2020 10:15

RIP Aelias
28-03-2020 10:18

So terribly saddened by this news. My heart goes out to his family and friends. May he Rest in Peace.
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28-03-2020 10:18

May he rest in peace, will miss seeing him around
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28-03-2020 10:18

Absolutely Devastated
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28-03-2020 10:22

Was only talking to him a while ago in whispers :o

This is very sad news .. Gutted

Been a friend since I started playing this game
28-03-2020 10:22

Dam, so sad to hear. will miss you my friend. RIP
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28-03-2020 10:27

Hoping he is at least at peace now.

Was always friendly to me, never a bad word.
28-03-2020 10:28

RIP aelias. Many good chats throughout the years.
28-03-2020 10:29

I knew Aelias as a very friendly and fun fellow, i'm immensely sad to hear this. The world is a lesser place without you Aelias. Rest in peace.
28-03-2020 10:32

I only really knew him as SirDrinks_Alot. Rest in Peace.
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28-03-2020 10:52

had a couple of good fun chats with him. R.I.P Aelias
28-03-2020 10:58

Rest in peace Aelias. You will be missed.
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28-03-2020 12:44

u will be missed
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28-03-2020 13:16

So sad to see this - was a great clan member and would always pop in when least expected with some craziness that would make me laugh. For as sick as he was he never reflected it in his attitude in the game. I feel privileged to have know him and know that Kev must be devastated. I know that it was a long tough battle and he is now in a better place but he will be sorely missed.
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28-03-2020 15:18

Great guy. RIP Aelias
28-03-2020 16:11

RIP Aelias, my thoughts and prayers go out to his loved ones and family, very sad news
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28-03-2020 18:26

Rest In Peace Aelias
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28-03-2020 19:40

Sorry to hear this and my condolences to his friends and family.
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28-03-2020 19:55

RIP Aelias
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28-03-2020 20:41

Very sorry,
28-03-2020 21:47

RIP, Great person, very sad to hear this terrible news.
28-03-2020 21:56

No RIP, much love!
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29-03-2020 01:02

R.I.P. Aelias.

It's been a while since we talked properly, but the messages will be missed. Whenever you spoke it was always with kind words and a you brought a happier atmosphere to the game. I am sad that we won't see more of that.

Condolences to those who knew him best and to his family. Syrnia is a colder place without his warmth and cheer.
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