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25-03-2020 02:07

At the moment I have no internet at home. I usually play in libraries and internet cafes which are now also shut. The federal government here is looking at having a total shutdown for 6 months of non essential public places. And my city may be going into total lockdown in the next 4-5 days. If for whatever reason I am not able to log in for 6 months due to these circumstances you will now know why. I hope everyone else in Syrnia is coping well in these tough times and hopefully I will be able to log in once every few weeks during these restrictions.
Mr. Addy
Keeping this game free by adding ads to every topic
25-03-2020 03:55

Hope you and your family stay safe.

I would notify mods to see if they wont delete your account (if they still do that)
25-03-2020 05:00

Where do you live?
Only users can reply.

Forum -> General -> Internet during lockdown.

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