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23-03-2020 22:17

If you get killed in the OL's you should not be able to go back for a certain amount of time, let's say one hour. Make fights and kills more meaningful.

[2]17:25 Isaac[AdC]: it amazes me how people keeps dying
Mr. Addy
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23-03-2020 22:18

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23-03-2020 22:18

Sure, if there's safe high-tier mines.
23-03-2020 22:20

No. If you want more meaningful fights, make the BM better and add the option for duels. This will hurt mining, unnecessarily.
~Sol~ :D
23-03-2020 22:20

Would only really affect miners having to pay more attention or lose out on xp.. on a side note I probably wouldn’t kill em when I passed if they couldn’t go back for an hour
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23-03-2020 22:21

24 hours seems more reasonable
23-03-2020 22:28

Absolutely. This would be a good way to get rid of some pesky PKers. ;)

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23-03-2020 22:31

Sure, on the condition that the 1.5x multiplier at Abydos is removed. There's just no reason for it these days.
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23-03-2020 22:42

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Koban Knight
23-03-2020 23:02

takes damn near an hour just to walk naked back from sanfew >.<
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24-03-2020 00:08

No thanks.
Forgemaster Az
24-03-2020 00:35

Sure, why not "blank" us smiths over even more and make ores even harder to get. Why not triple all mining and smithing timers as it is?

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24-03-2020 02:14

While i like the idea, It's not a collectible that you're suggesting to add, there-for it wont be added.
24-03-2020 04:16

this is the equivalent of saying let's lock ammon out if you chop for 8+ hours that day...
This is fine. This is OK.
24-03-2020 07:03


Edited on 24-03-2020 07:12
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24-03-2020 09:03

This would too greatly benefit those with high lvl combat who have a big advantage there anyways. So a no from me.
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24-03-2020 09:42

first off, OL is not an AFK skill training island.

there should be no such ban on going into a "PVP" island.

However, i really like someone who had suggested the lowers of hp overtime if you stay in the ols longer, so obviously you have to stay on screen and heal even while mining or woodcutting..
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24-03-2020 09:56

I believe in one person's right to want to be killed over and over again, even if it is ridiculous. So no.
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Dark Neroxus
24-03-2020 13:44

As I have said before, there are many work arounds that benefit one side or the other. in terms of the outlands and PVP as a whole I think it needs looking at as PVP not just what can we do about the outlands.

Ultimately there is little that will appease both sides so the best thing for the outlands is to leave the outlands alone.

Any major swing one way or the other will seriously harm it further.
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24-03-2020 16:14

Dying 2000 times should come with some kind of a downside besides losing 50gp and a pick ') maybe lose xp like in other games when you die on a harder difficulty levels
[2]17:25 Isaac[AdC]: it amazes me how people keeps dying
24-03-2020 16:16

You have been killed 24 times by a monster/creature,
and 921 times by another player

Please no?
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24-03-2020 16:16

imagine just needing to click one time to stop other people from mining and complaining thats too much
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24-03-2020 16:41

Would it be a possibility to make what is available to do in the OL rotatable?
IE, each month or some amount of time the available things you could do there will switch, rather than having only a level 1 and 55 forest you could switch a few spots to a 15 and 35.
Or change the ores that are available. Give different players a reason to go there?

Also I’ve liked the idea that player health should not be visible to other players in the OL makes combat more interesting.
24-03-2020 16:48

I think rotating resources could be fun.

John 15:13
Greater love hath no man than this, that a man lay down his life for his friends.
24-03-2020 20:05

No. It will not only prevent me from mining but if i die while on iron i have a gp loss. The ores and gems i get on average will give me a loss in profit. I gain on average 1400gp per trip to the ols from 50-60 iron ore and the gem jt will either make me just barely break even or loss profit cause most my stuff is on ogre and if i die in ols i can go through to get stuff to fight at oo without spending atleast 1500 gp on a pto.

So its a huge no and a profit loss if i cant run through ols to fight at oo if i die
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