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17-03-2020 20:44

The Halloween Witch didn't care anymore, rather then glide in low she preferred to dive in at 70 degrees, didn't matter if she pulled up in time.

This time she did and dropped the broomstick in a 10 foot collapse right in the front of the door. She didn't hear any breakage so thought it a success.

She dismounted and locked up her broomstick to a thick tree. She knew it was a collectible no longer available. Also, being a witch her broomstick was +2 Dura and -6tt. (Don't we wish).

Climbing up the 7 steps she passed through the door of M2H Tavern and entered a fairly empty smoke free room. Place was deserted except for the Clause's in a dark corner who looked as if they were going to start making out which disturbed her at a visceral level and the familiar shape of the Easter Bunny at the bar.

She walked up and took a seat next to the Bunny.

"So", she asked. "Any news on a contract this Easter?"

The Bunny jerked up as if surprised, he seemed to have been brooding.
"Hey Bartender! 2 shots of OL Tears each!" he barked.
Finally looking at the witch he sighed and said; "Read This". He handed her a high quality letter with nice date and times, the body read:

Dear Formally Employed NPC character,

We at Syrnia thank you for your previous contribution to (which holiday) you participated in. We are reviewing our NPC's with a view to the future.

We will contact you if at some point you fit our economic model.

Thanks and Good Luck.

Her Eminence Grise,


The Witch finished reading the letter and slowly put it back on the bar counter.
"Sorry", she simply said.

The Easter Bunny picked up the letter and tucked it into a pocket.
"What did I do wrong?" he asked. "People begged for a Bunny suit, I did that, I gave them eggs and this pseudo ninja shows up in his skinny jeans and people rave!? Not my fault his suit was given better abilities!"

"Hey, my husband and I thought we had Halloween cornered until Blood Boy showed up. We did our job and now we're gone as well."

The Bunny seemed to listen; "Where is the Warlock?" he finally asked.

The Witch sighed; "Decaying somewhere in Arch 7. We had a fight."

The Bunny pondered for a moment. "So what do you think happens now?"

The Witch thought about it. "We wait for syndication, everything old becomes new again."
2]20:08 That_Guy[Drunk]: Rofl! that was either lunacy or a strange form of genius...
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