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05-02-2020 05:50

There should be an additional toggle to have just the inventory as text but still have the working image.
I much prefer the organization and cleanliness of the text inventory but also dearly miss the cute feature of syrnia, in the work pictures.
Mr. Addy
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05-02-2020 12:23

Options > Change Layout > images > disable

Is that what your looking for?
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05-02-2020 13:29

I think he would like to have an option to disable the inventory images, but keep the working images (campfire for cooking or watching the ocean for fishing).

As of now, both get disabled with that option.

I think that would be a good addition

Edited on 05-02-2020 13:30
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05-02-2020 13:46

I agree and think it would be a good change.

We currently have a single switch that toggles both inventory and working images.

It wouldn't be difficult at all to simply make it two separate toggles.

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19-02-2020 04:48

Just wanted to add, I just realized with the option disabled, you still get an image when traveling. I feel like this would be a fairly simplistic fix in respect then.
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Forum -> Feedback -> Picture disable option

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