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30-01-2020 01:09

Edit: I have scoured the Announcements section of the forum, as well as the News section of the home page. I've gotten info from trusted sources. I have a large portion of updates and events from over the years. Now's the time where I will heavily rely on current player knowledge to fill in the blanks of the history of our world. Whatever you can add is appreciated.


There are still many of you who have been around since 2005. Many of you will have different memories of things that happened throughout the history of this game. I'm turning to all of you to help me fill in the gaps of my memory, and simply, times I wasn't around.

What I am looking for:

- Holiday Events: Specifically, events that added any form of new content.
- Unique Events: Events like ones we've had recently with Halloween Harvest/Gnome Workshop. Pirate introduction with Pirate Keys.
- Updates: large and small. Anything new that was added to the game, what it was, and when it was added. (many times updates and events coincide.)
- "Significant" things that happened in our world's history (Jop attacks, Born buying Syrnia, the quiet period where we had no updates for years, et cetera...)

I am still slowly editing this as I have the free time to do so. Last edit: April 19th, 2022.


Timeline so far:


- (March 5th) Official launch of Syrnia. Syrnia has been listed to many gaming websites to bring in as many players as possible.
- (March 12th) Mules added. Purchaseable from Valera Stables. Manuals added to the game, written by Ruby.
- (March 13th) Leather Boots added: reduces travel time by 20%, gives same Speed exp. Woodcutting exp buffed, as well as exp from fighting Spiders and Gnomes.
- (March 16th) Official release of the Forum.
- (March 17th) Added item database system. Players can now see how many hours and minutes they've played Syrnia under the stats menu. Online users now display above the City Menu.
- (March 18th) Online/offline messages added to chat. Another job added to Friddik Brother Quests. Work begins on the new island.
- (March 20th) Dearn Island launch. ~50 "Worldmap of a new island" items dropped around Syrnia. New island has: Food shop. Unfinished constructing site (Assume this to be Battlemage). Lemo Woods and Deep Lemo Woods. At Lemo Woods, you can fight Giant Spider, Fox, Cobra, Gnome, and Bat. At Deep Lemo, you can fight Wild Dog, Wolf, and Bear. Coal Mining site. Brown Horses now purchaseable at Unera Stables, instead of Valera Stables. Players can learn Construction and Trading in the school at Rile from levels 1-10, and they can further their education at Unera University.
- (March 28th) Outlands launch. The Outlands can be sailed to via Port Senyn. Player vs. Player combat is enabled across the island. Mining, Fishing, Cooking, Smithing, and Smelting actions can be done at specific Outlands locations. Chat improvements.
- (March 29th) Gems added as random rare drops from Mining: Amber, Diamond, Diaspore, and Quartz. While fishing, players can sometimes catch Leather Boots. Clan system added.
- (March 30th) "Chat disable" option added. Clan news page added. Clan kick option added. Option added to exit a clan. Experience for Fishing, Cooking, Mining, Smithing, Woodcutting, Trading, Construction changed to allow 1.5-2x faster leveling than before. Experience raised for current players to match. Crowding system added. 5 seconds per player for Smithing and Constructing. 2 seconds per player for Mining, Cooking, Fishing, and Smelting. 1 second per player for studying Trading and Construction.
- (March 31st) A stove was added to the Cooking spot in the Outlands, so you no longer need a Tinderbox or Wood to cook there.
- (April 1st) M2H's 3D Syrnia April Fool's prank.
- (April 6th) "Recycle" option added to houses and shops to destroy them and get some Wood in return. Clan leaders can now give permissions to clan members to add/delete news and change clan ranks.
- (April 9th) Clan Forum added. Clan leaders can assign clan moderators and they can fully manage the clan forum. Stats added for personal player kills / deaths against monsters and players.
- (April 20th) Thieving of player shops added. Thieving of items requires 10 Thieving. When shop owner is at the same location (on or offline), item Thieving is twice as difficult, gold Thieving being thrice as difficult. House/Shop recycling now brings up a confirmation message first.
- (April 22nd) All islands have a jail (beginning with Sanfew and Unera).
- (April 24th) Syrnia was moved to a faster server.
- (May 3rd) Quest system added. Two quests to begin with. Quests page shows Friddick Quests. Deep Lemo Woods fixed to randomize monsters. Mezno Island added to game. New Silver Mine. New University. New place to train Combat. New Quest. Thieving Guild with Thieving Guild trail jobs. Quests and Jobs now fail when you die and must be restarted. View Full Worldmap button added that allows you to view all islands. Studying Trading and Construction is now cheaper, with exp adjustments. Cleaning of unactivated users.
- (May 7th) Magic skill added: Witch Bluebell quests added. Magic uses gems to enchant gear for +aim/power/armour and -travel time. Five new gems added to game: Moonstone, Spar, Garnet, Avril, Beryl. Azzie working on new manuals, Magic manual included.
- (May 8th) Gems are found much more commonly while mining in the Outlands. New manuals added to the game from Azzie.
- (May 18th) Clan member list now shows clan member's login status and location. When fighting, you can see an HP bar for your character. Rules page was added to the game.
- (May 31st) A trading post was added to each island, and players can now trade with each other.
- (June 1st) Manda added as first forum moderator.
- (June 2nd) You can reach all island maps via the world map pop-up. Chat moderation added. Mutes, forum bans, and jail time functionality added.
- (June 3rd) "How to support Synia ?" link added.
- (June 8th) Farming skill added. 13 types of crops to begin.
- (June 14th) Syrnia's 100th day. 4,500 registered players, 450 active players.
- (June 19th) Fighting system adjustments: Food quick links added under hp bar. Every 10 seconds you hit the enemy. You can eat as much as you want between hits. "Fight all creature" link added. Some creature exp raised.
- (June 22nd) Two quests added: Monster Training, and Slaying the Monster.
- (June 23rd) Ignore list added.
- (June 30th) Forum contest #13: Win a Syrnia T-Shirt.
- (July 5th) Shops and houses can be upgraded to larger sizes. You can now use your own boat to travel between islands. Boats are faster, and there is no cost to traveling between islands. Hatchets, Pickaxes, Nets, Rods, and Hammers can now break over time. Donator benefits added. Exp boosted to all skills by about 140%, while timers were extended by a small amount. You can now change your password in options, and you can recover your password on the home page.
- (July 6th) Ogre Cave added. Ogre armour and weapons are dropped from Ogres, and cannot be smithed. Ogre Cave can be accessed via Outlands 35.
- (July 28th) Invasions added. Monsters invade towns, and you can't use links in the town until the invasions are cleared. Invasions are announced in chat. There is a time limit, and if they are not killed before the time limit is up, they take over the town and grow in numbers. When a town is taken over, those creatures then give less exp and fewer drops. Magic no longer has time limits on upgrades.
- (July 30th) Thousands of Rats invaded Remer, double combat experience gained during the invasions.
- (August 3rd) Monsters invading towns give 1 extra exp than normal. The top three fighters in an invasion are given a gold reward. More donator features were added.
- (August 11th) Item image overhaul. Item image size doubled, with improved textures.
- (September 4th) A new processor was purchased for Syrnia with money from donations. General bug fixes.
- (September 6th) Various people punished for breaking the rules.
- (September 7th) Elven Island added. Elven pub added with private pub chat. Pub sells Beer and Elven Cocktails. New Combat area. New quest: "Huge Problems". Elven Casino added. Elven armour/weapon added. Penteza Teleport Orb and Rat Summoning Orb added.
- (September 10th) Locked combo chest events added.
- (September 20th) Captain Keelhail paid a visit to the islands of Syrnia.
- (September 22nd) 200th day of Syrnia. Keelhail Invasion (Big Pirate Key/Chest event) (I'd like more information about this day.)
- (October 12th) First Pirate Invasions. Players can now choose to join the pirates on Skull Island. Fame scores added.
- (October 16th) 3D images added for all skills. They will also show what time of day it is in Syrnia. (What was this? I've never heard of this.)
- (October 19th) Open Pirate recruitment at Xanso.
- (October 20th) Syrnia gets its first official sponsor: Akast.
- (October 30th) A Combat bug was fixed that caused some drops to not drop correctly, including Ogre Hatchet and Plate. Outlands walking speed now about twice as fast.
- (November 2nd) Pirates can now build and use Brigantines. They are constructible only at the stockhouse, cost 3,000 Wood, and require level 15 Construction.
- (November 13th) M2H launched an advertising site for anyone with a website to try and raise funds for Syrnia without needing donations. Information about the site was found in the "How to support Syrnia ?" page.
- (November 29th) Syrnia's server went down for 45 minutes due to a memory error. M2H doubled the memory for Syrnia to keep this from happening again. He also installed a new hard disc.
- (December 7th) Woodcutting changes: Newer forests now require a higher level to cut, and have higher timers for each. Higher forests also can drop more than 1 Wood per chop. Each forest now has a unique set of seeds that can be dropped.
- (December 15th) Syrnia homepage got a makeover from the original homepage to its second incarnation.
- (December 24th-25th) First Celebration Island: Players could sail to Celebration Island for free from Port Senyn or Crab's Nest. There was no crowding effect on Celebration Island. Santa stayed on Celebration Island on the 24th and 25th. You could sit on Santa's lap, and he would give you a gift of your choice from different categories. There was a set minimum number of days of playtime a player had to have achieved before they could actually sit on Santa's lap. This was to keep players from spoofing their IP, making a new account, taking it to Celebration Island, and getting more items from Santa to trade to their main account. You could chop trees at Festival Forest and find Christmas trees. There was a contest held for the three tallest Christmas Trees, and the players were given a gp reward. The player who chopped the tallest Christmas Tree had the pub on Celebration Island named after them for the next year's holiday. The contest ran until end of day on the 24th. You could fish Striped Red Fish at Holiday Lake, and a contest was held until end of day on the 25th for the longest Striped Red Fish caught, the top three players winning a gp reward. Santa Gnomes invaded for the first time, and they could drop Santa Hats upon death.


- (January 4th) The Cave of Trades was added. It was located at Eully and Ogre Trading Post. Players could put items up for auction, and other players could bid on the items. Players would receive messages when someone bid over a bid they made, and players selling items would have a 5% fee deducted from them when successfully selling an item. How many auctions you could run and bids you could place at a time were determined by your Trading level.
- (January 6th) Thieving update: Locked items added. Locked Toolboxes and Locked Moldy Chests could be found and unlocked with a Lockpick. These items could then be opened, and the player would receive a random reward from a list.
- (January 9th) Equipment durability added. Equipment can sometimes break while being used. When an item breaks, it disappears entirely. The higher the tier of your equipment, the more durability it has. When Smithing, players could sometimes "perfectly smith" a piece of equipment, allowing it to "break" multiple times before disappearing.. Similar to enchantments, a small "E" appeared in the top-left of the item. Hovering over the item displayed how many times it could break before disappearing. Elven Armour/Weapon drops added.
- (January 26th) Performance updates to high scores and chat. The chat now loaded only new chat messages, instead of constantly loading the last 15 lines, helping connection speed. Chat text limit changed from 1,500 to 5,000 characters. The Highscores now refresh every hour.
- (March 5th) Syrnia's one-year anniversary: Celebration Island was opened with some contests. Red Balloon was added to the game. (I am not certain if anything new was added other than Red Balloons. D: But M2H put a heartfelt post on the news section about his first year running Syrnia, and talked about the beginning development of Syrnia.)
- (March 6th) Official launch of DW-HQ, the first unofficial Syrnia fan site. Results of the contests from Syrnia's 1st Birthday (Top three winners were paid in a gp reward.):

    Striped Red Fish Contest:

1 Leicontis 69.77 inches
2 Ragaroth 69.71 inches
3 Phredy 68.19 inches
4 Traveller 67.96 inches
5 Excidium 67.85 inches
6 Apoe 67.76 inches
7 Everglade 67.63 inches
8 Master_Hugian 67.35 inches
9 Phredy 64.84 inches
10 Leicontis 64.79 inches

    Red Balloon Contest:

1 wiger12 114.95 Meters
2 elite guardian 114.94 Meters
3 Skilla 114.91 Meters
4 wiger12 114.90 Meters
5 Tranceninja 114.89 Meters
6 motorrolla 114.86 Meters
7 Rotorant 114.84 Meters
8 vampkitty13 114.83 Meters
9 vampkitty13 114.79 Meters
10 Brimswyld 114.62 Meters

- (March 8th) General combat tweaks: The Combat Levels of monsters have been changed. They now use the same CL calculator as players, and are, therefore, more accurate. Some monsters were bequeathed higher HP due to their new HP calculation. Attacking code was changed. Power/aim had too much affect compared to the Attack level before, rendering the Attack level almost useless by itself. This was balanced in favor of the Attack level.
- (March 10th) First known case of a Syrnia user gaining access to someone else's account and stealing their items. The offender was jailed for two months and had his/her possessions deleted. Another suspect was also jailed for two months. The victim received back his/her possessions.
- (March 14th) RUM clan requested that their clan banner be advertised on the Syrnia home page. They came to an agreement with M2H about the duration of the banner and the cost. The RUM banner was placed on the home page for one month. M2H left an open invitation to work with other clans for future advertisements.
- (March 14th) Heerchey Island added: The Heerchey family decided to open their private island for visitors. Players can travel to Heerchey Docks from Mezno and Skull Island. Players could Boat fish at Heerchey Docks, and mine Iron in the Ancestral Mountains. Along with Heerchey Island, Arch Caves 1, 2, 3, and 4 were added. Two new quests were added: Earning the Family Respect, and The Kidnapped Lunchbox. You could get to Arch Caves 1 via McGoogin's Camp after completing the Earning the Family Respect quest, which requires Combat level 20 and Mining level 10.
In Arch Caves 1, you could dig for Locked Toolboxes, Locked Moldy Chests, Rocks, and Broken Glass at N. You could fight three new creatures, White Bats, Black Bats, and Grey Bats at Arch S and NE. Players could also move to Arch Cave 2.1 at Arch Cave SE.
Arch Cave 2 is full of fog, and it's difficult to find where you are going. Arch Cave 2 consists of 20 rooms, 2.1 - 2.20. You can only find entrances to new rooms by hovering over areas of the map until your mouse changes, indicating a clickable link. Arch Cave 2 has random combination chest events that can be unlocked by inputting the correct number, giving Locked Toolboxes, Locked Moldy Chests, or Locked Ancient Chests. Also, every 1st, 16th, 31st, and 46th minute of the hour, there is a chance that 1-3 random LTBs, LMCs, or LACs will drop in random rooms. Auto-attack creatures: Black Bat, Grey Bat, White Bat, Stone Gaman, Starving Spider, Iron-Scaled Gaman, Koban Miner. Arch Cave 2.20 has the entrance to Arch Cave 3.
Arch Cave 3 has 25 rooms, 3.1 - 3.25. It's completely dark here, and so you walk aimlessly between locations, hoping to find 3.25. Auto-attacks are in every room. Arch Cave 3 auto-attacks: Stone Gaman, Starving Spider, Iron-Scaled Gaman, Koban Miner, Steel-Scaled Gaman, Koban Protector, Gold-Scaled Gaman. Arch Cave 3.25 has the entrance to Arch Cave 4.
Arch Cave 4 has seven rooms, 4.1 - 4.7. Auto-attacks between every location. Auto-attacks: Koban Miner, Steel-Scaled Gaman, Koban Protector, and Gold-Scaled Gaman. Dinosaur creatures can also spawn here naturally and are Syrnia's first group fight creatures: Waranerus, Honurus, Stemosaurus, and Roodarus. Wara, Stemo, and Rood drop Waranerus Spike, Stemosaurus Tail Spike, and Roodarus Horn, respectively, which are all uniquely powerful weapons. All four creatures drop Saurus Scales, Saurus Hide, and Saurus Meat. Saurus Scale and Saurus Hide can be traded to Tempa at her hut with gp for Saurus Armour: Saurus Helm, Saurus Plate, Saurus Shield, and Saurus Legs. You can also trade Bat Hide and gp for Bat Hide Gloves and Boots. Randomly, bits of Gold Ore and Platina Ore can spawn in Arch Cave 4. Platina Ore added to Arch 4 and is also mineable in Outlands #78. Combination chests can also spawn here every 15 minutes containing LTBs, LMCs, and LACs. Players can also smelt Iron, Steel, and Gold ore here.
- (March 24th) Two new quests added. (No idea what these quests might be. Might have to do some sleuthing if nobody else knows.)
- (March 29th) Syrnia server moved to new 100mbit connection. Down for two hours.
- (April 1st) Drinking skill added as an April Fool's joke. The more in-game alcohol drank, the more you gain Drinking experience. Beer, 15 exp. Elven Cocktail, 30 exp. Keg of Rum, 300 exp. Motorrolla achieved the highest Drinking level (level 23) before the day was over, ladyraven143 came in second at level 20, and febreezy came in third at level 17. Full high scores at: https://www.syrnia.com/images/news/drinking.php
- (April 7th) New rules were written at syrnia.com/rules.m2h, a long-dead link. Waybackmachine is the people's hero.
- (April 10th) The Syrnia server was rolled back to April 3rd due to multiple reasons. There was a bug in the coding that caused a complete corruption of the inventory database due to an accidental input from a player. Also, due to the very recent move of the server, proper database backup procedures had not yet been implemented, the most recent backup being April 3rd. All inventories from April 3rd were restored. Also, all experience gained during the lost week was kept.
- (April 12th)The bug in the coding from April 10th happened again, a few hours away from the server backup. Inventories were, again, reset to their April 3rd states. All the experience gained was, again, kept. The code was checked again to ensure that this bug could never be recreated.
- (April 14th) 2006 Easter Event: Celebration Island was opened. Players could visit the Easter Bunny at Syrnia Celebration Center. Easter Eggs added. They could be found hidden across Syrnia. (Don't have much info for this event, or if it added more.
- (July 9th) Muaat created new and improved images for all smith-able equipment, with black backgrounds instead of the original grey. The message system was updated to show players their sent messages, as well as the ability to tell when a message had been read. A donation option was added to allow players to store more sent/received messages.
- (August 17th) The layout code was redesigned, allowing the pages to transition more smoothly.
- (August 28th) The Battlemage was released. Fights are scheduled every so often. There are no CL brackets at this time. The Battlemage can be accessed via Kinam or Toothen. The Battlemage is for PvP against players in a similar Combat Level range, but a players' inventory is not lost upon death in the Desert Arena. Winning gives 200 exp in all combat stats and a Desert Arena Medal. Consumables cannot be brought into the Desert Arena, but raw food can be and can be cooked in two spots in the Arena.
- (August 29th) Journal page added as a donator option that allows you to save and edit notes via an in-game pop-up. The Journal page appears as a link under "Messages".
- (September 28th) Various tweaks and bug fixes: Syrnia in-game time was fixed. It was five minutes ahead. Cooking was fixed at the Pirate SH. The Forum page was given a clear page title. The same items with the same +durability won't all break at once when one breaks now. Game messages no longer count toward your total message count but are deleted after four weeks. When you go to "Recycle Shop" if the shop still contains gold, a warning indicates this. Another donation feature added (but not explained). Once a player donates at least 25 Euros, in-game ads are removed for them.
- (October 11th) Syrnia's homepage received another re-design, taking it to its third incarnation. Lockpicking experience gained for player thieving has been doubled, and shop thieving exp has been lowered. Some creatures drop Locked items more frequently.
- (October 12th) The respawning of creatures, chests, resources, and items in Arch Caves has been fixed. Previously, some were not properly respawning or respawning frequently enough. Movement timers on Remer were reduced. Tutorial Island was added for brand new players to learn the game before teleporting to Remer and beginning their journey. A new Beginner's Manual was added for those players who don't want to read as much before starting. The event manual was added. A new donator option for players who donated at least 50 Euros was added that allowed players to view the Highscore history from August 26th, 2006 to the present. A Tin Ore vein was discovered at Nabb Mines!
- (October 19th) Moderator tools were expanded with a more advanced report system. Mods can now automatically send a message to a punished player with the reason they were punished. Mods can now check the past crimes of all players.
- (October 20th) Shop item searching was improved and will now correctly show all results in a location when searching.
- (October 21st) The in-game layout was changed a good bit. (I don't know what changed, or have before&after pictures of the changes.) A layout change option was added to the options page. This layout is very basic with only a few images.
- (October 27th) The Forum layout was updated to help readability. Various bugfixes: hatchets, pickaxes, hammers, and nets will no longer break on Tutorial Island. Jail time constant display of "600 seconds" was fixed.
- (December 1st) A poll system was added. Players could be notified about any active polls on the log-in page.
- (December 22nd) Kanzo Island added, boasting a jail, a trading post, a Cave of Trading, a level 40-50 University, a White Wizard's Tower for enchanting, a level 50 Cooking spot, a level 55 forest, a Coal mine, Small Boat Fishing, a place to fight higher-level creatures (Chippeway, Dark Widow, Centaur, Gorgon Cloaker), and Trawler Fishing (Trawler Fishing added Swordfish and Shark fishing). Kanzo Island is only accessible by teleportation via Kanzo Teleport Orb. The only way to leave is teleportation via Penteza Teleport Orb. Centaurs at Kaldra drop two new items: Centaur Axe and Centaur Helm. A new quest was added: "Protect the Ancient Woods", which is a requirement to woodcut at Aloria. A new flower could only be found on Kanzo: Matricaria. Player, "kenny666" helped create Kanzo Island.
- (December 25th) Syrnia Christmas 2006. Party Island returns, and you can get a gift from Santa at the Syrnia Celebration Center. First known instance of M2H calling it Party Island instead of Celebration Island. (I have no more information about this Christmas. I do not know if anything new was added during this event.)
- (December 30th) You can now promote Syrnia with a unique, per-player recruitment link. No rewards per sign-up, but the top 3 promoters will be rewarded: 1st place, Silver Crown + 3 Locked Moldy Chest. 2nd place, Silver Crown + 1 Blue Gift. 3rd place, Bronze Crown. Rewards for this promotion event will be given at 21:00 on January 2nd.


- (January 2nd) New Year's Celebration 2007. "Creatures from a country far away are moving towards our Islands. Time: 15:00 & 21:30." (Verbatim from Mike. No idea what this means apart from it being invasions. New creatures?) Various Beer Stalls are popping up across Syrnia and are available between 14:00-21:00. There are Desert Arena fights scheduled every two hours all day long. The Syrnia Promotion Awards take place at 21:00.
- (January 4th) The chat system was rebuilt and now offers different channels to chat in. 1: World Chat, for all general talk. 2: Trade Chat, to buy/sell items or to promote your Forum -> Market post. 3: Clan Chat, to chat with only your Clan members. 4: Pirate Chat, which is general chat for Pirates only. Each channel has a unique color. SaucyWhopper helped M2H on this update.
- (January 10th) In the Chat Options page, players can now opt to leave/join specific chat channels. The options page was restyled.
- (January 22nd) Chat has been updated to fix Firefox freezing. The Donation process was improved, and donations are now instant and automatic. Paypal will guide you through the donation process.
- (February 14th) People from an island called "Serpenthelm" have come to our islands. They are running a chapel service today at Port Dazar and Barnacle Bay. Map information will be exchanged with these Serpenthelmians, and hopefully, with cooperation, we will be able to set off to their island soon. There is an increase of Roses found while walking across Syrnia.
- (March 5rd) Syrnia's 2nd Birthday. Party Island was opened. (I have no more information than this. Was anything new added?)
- (March 6th) Serpenthelm Island added, boasting a level 1 Cooking spot, Net fishing (freshwater) (Frog, Piranha, Catfish, Giant Catfish), an Iron mine, Coal mine, and Silver mine, a level 1 forest, a Smithing spot up to Platina, fighting at Jungle's Edge (Tree Viper, Lizard, Python, Black Panther), fighting at Thick Jungle (Lizardman, Lizardwoman, Lizard Shaman, Lizard Chief), a Speed-training area where you can search for monkeys, a jail, a chapel where you can get married to another Syrnian or check current marriages, a trading post, flower stands, and a stable where you can purchase Mules / Brown Horses. Players can sail to Serpenthelm from Xanso. Five new quests have been added: "Lonely Bard", "Damsel in Distress, or Just Clueless", "Damsel in More Distress, or Really Clueless", "Frogs and Monkeys", and "Sick Fisher or Sick of Fishing". Auto-attacks happen on this island while walking between Jungle's Edge, Thick Jungle, and Rose Mines. In order to pass Rose Gates and enter Rose Castle, you must purchase a Rose Gate Pass from the Rose Gate Guards.
- (March 11th) The Roughneck Pirate was added. They cost 15 Iron Bars and 4 Cooked Cod to train. Skulls Nose gives more detail. Pirates can now only add requested items to the Skulls Nose Stockhouse (up to 25% above the requested amount).
- (April 3rd) Syrnia's rules were updated.
- (April 7th) Easter Event 2007. The Easter Bunny was spotted hiding eggs all over Syrnia. He didn't have enough paint for the Red Easter Eggs this year. For the next 25 hours, players can search for Easter Eggs. (Anything else new happen this event?)
- (May 23rd) Syrnia had a 72-hour downtime due to a complete architectural restructure that allows them to fix bugs and release updates faster than before. Farming crop timers were adjusted to +24 hours.
- (June 21st) The Game Help chat channel was added as channel 5. New players will only have access to this channel until the tutorial is completed. This channel will be used specifically for anyone who has any questions about the game to be able to find answers that don't already exist in the manual. New players logging in for the first time will now show in Game Help Chat, not World Chat.
- (June 23rd) Locked and unlocked containers can no longer be brought into the Battlemage, as some contain food, and some players were using this to great advantage.
- (July 7th) The Chat History page was improved and made to be more user-friendly. The clan forum's "last replies" now shows the last 20 replies, instead of the last 10 replies. It also groups the replies per topic, as the main forum does.
- (July 12th) Exrollia added, boasting a level 20 Cooking spot, and the ability to bake Bread at Stanro, a Small Boat Fishing spot, a Sloop Fishing spot, an Iron mind, a Coal mine, a smelting location for Iron, Steel, and Gold Bars, a level 40 forest, two new fighting locations (Ketil, Mordor Cave), six new creatures, a jail, a trading post, and a Cave of Trades. Walking in Exrollia is mostly done in one long line between locations, and there are auto-attacks between each location. Houses/Shops here can only be built at Pensax. Arena fights in the Battlemage are now split into Combat Level brackets: 10-19, 20-29, 30-39, and 40+. Pirates can now clean their jail for extra gold.
- (July 15th) A spot for Platina smelting has been discovered in Arch Caves 4. Platina can finally be smelted into bars and smithed into equipment.
- (July 20th) Chat History improvements. History was changed to only show chat channels that you are allowed to see. Only Pirates see Pirate Chat, and only clan members see their own Clan Chat.
- (August 7th) Optimization worked on for Syrnia's backend code and database, speeding up both and fixing current lag spikes.
- (August 29th) Fix for special armour/weapons. Before, Saurus armour, Centaur armour/weapons, and Rose Crest armour/weapons required--unintentionally--level 0 to wear, so all players could equip these from level 1. They were meant to require level 45, 35, and 15, respectively. This was fixed, and Saurus now requires level 40, Centaur requires level 30, and Rose Crest requires level 15. Players who are still wearing some of these items but are below the level required can continue wearing them, but if they are taken off, they won't be able to equip them again until they reach the intended level.
- (September 15th) A new "ticket" system was implemented to replace the old email and message support. All player support will now go through this new system.
- (October 5th) TheKeeperofTime has become the first player to reach Woodcutting level 100.
- (October 26th) Ragnarok has become the first player to reach Cooking level 100.
- (October 31st) Syrnia Halloween 2007. Party Island is open and can be sailed to from Port Senyn, Crab's Nest, and Eylsian Docks (players coming from Eylsian Docks to Port Party cannot return to Kanzo Island without a teleport orb). New creatures released. (What were they?) A contest was set up, and all players could get a free Trick or Treat from Syrnia Celebration Center. (More info about this event would be grand.)
- (November 3rd) Staff tags were added to the staff in chat and forums to show more transparency and give credit to the staff.
- (November 14th) A new Guide team was added. Players who enjoy helping others in Game Help Chat can be given a (Guide) tag. Manda takes over as an official Event Moderator. Contests will resume and will take place in the forum. Spindoc, Manda, and Saucywhopper are now being displayed with the moderator tag in chat.
- (December 18th) A stricter chat enforcement was implemented.
- (December 24th) Syrnia Christmas 2007. Events last through the 24th-26th. Party Island is open and can be sailed to from Port Senyn, Crab's Nest, and Eylsian Docks (players coming from Eylsian Docks to Port Party cannot return to Kanzo Island without a teleport orb, but can ask Santa for a Kanzo Teleport Orb to return). Snowmen are added to the game, and are able to be created with Coal, a Carrot, a Big Snowball, and a Small Snowball. Christmas Trees can be cut once more.
- (December 27th) The stricter chat enforcement was slightly relaxed.


- (February 14th) Valentine's Day Event.
- (February 20th) QOL Update: Inventory Drag&Drop. CoT Improvements. Floating Chat+Customize Chat Height, Forum BB Code, Desert Arena "Fixed", Equipped Items No Longer Show In Inventory, Serp-Exro, and Exro-Heerchey Sailing Routes Added, Level-up Popup, Offline Players No Longer Show in Player List, Constructing Link Always Shown, Crowding Tweaks, Outlands Player List Moved to Right of Screen, Enemies Show as Red, Clan Members Green, Burn-Rate Forumula Tweaks, Cooking Times for Shark, Swordfish, Bass Increased.
- (February 27th) Syrnia was moved to an upgraded server.
- (February 29th) Cradle has become the first player to reach level 100 in Attack.
- (March 5th) Syrnia's 3rd Birthday. Party Island is open all day. Kanzo players must bring a teleport orb to return to Kanzo from Party Island. Players can fish Red Striped Fish at Holiday Lake, collect a gift from Syrnia Celebration Center, woodcut at Festival Forest (high seed drop rates), and craft the new Blue Balloon at Festival Forest. The Battlemage has fights scheduled all day. Random combination chests will appear all day containing Birthday Cakes. Invasions will happen periodically throughout the day.
- (March 23rd) Syrnia Easter 2008. Easter Eggs can be found while walking. Each hour, only one or two islands will have hidden Easter Eggs at a time. There will also be contests and invasions. A special Easter Egg was added. (What was this? Bronze, Silver, or Gold?)
- (April 23rd) Fishing, Mining, and Jail images have been improved. Sailing and Farming images have been added.
- (April 24th) The ignore chat function has been added. It allows a player to specify a few usernames to ignore. You will no longer see their chat lines, and you will not receive any of their messages. It does not cover chat history or the forum. The ignore function can be accessed via chat options, and you can specify up to 20 players to ignore (donators can ignore up to 40).
- (May 29th) BlackLoter has become the first player to reach Strength level 100.
- (June 18th) Webbers Island has been added. Webbers can be sailed to via Xanso. Pirates cannot reach this island. Webber's Island is entirely taken over by a mutant breed of spiders. Players can fight the spiders at Sorer Lair (A mix between Sorer Spiderling, Sorer Hunter, and Sorer Queen). Spiders can drop Webbed Items, Hardened Spider Silk, and Soft Spider Silk (Queen can drop Queen Spider Meat). Spider Silk can be used to directly upgrade equipment durability. There is also a Level 1 Cooking spot, a spot for Net Fishing and Rod Fishing, an Iron mine and Coal mine, a level 1 forest and level 15 forest, smelting for Bronze, Iron, and Steel Bars, Smithing up to Platina, a trading post, and a jail. Players cannot build houses or shops on Webbers. Locked Small Chests can now be found while fishing from boats. Staff structure/organization has been renewed, and the staff team has been expanded. An issue with bouquets stacking has been fixed. Shop gold thieving jail time fixed to properly give 900 seconds minimum, 1800 seconds maximum.
- (June 23rd) School Trading/Construction, Smithing, Smelting, and Constructing work images have been added.
- (July 5th) Namrog has become the first player to reach Smithing level 100.
- (July 18th) Cradle has become the first player to reach Defence level 100.
- (September 1st) Region Chat has been added as chat channel 1. World Chat was moved to channel 2. Region Chat allows players to talk to each other per island/cave. Login messages were moved to Region Chat. A chat report function has been added next to the chat bar. Players can use this to directly report chat violations to the moderator team. This function has replaced chat tickets. The Whisper function was added to chat. You can use it to directly message another player in chat privately. The ignore function works with whispers. New donation options were added. Donators can hide their public login message using three options: "On", "Disabled for Region Chat", or "Disabled for both Region and Clan Chat". Donators can see double the chat line history, and also have an option to see yesterday's chat history (within the history time frame). 11 new seeds have been added, ranging between levels 53-100. Two have been added to Aloria, and some have been added as monster drops. Not all seeds are in the game yet but will be added over time. The Smithing table has been tweaked for all smithed equipment. A unique level requirement has been added for all smithable equipment, which is equal to the smithing table levels. Previously, getting to the base level for a new tier allowed players to equip anything from that tier. Now, players can equip stronger equipment within a tier as they level further. Some equipment has had their stats raised to balance this. Valera Sword, Ogre, and Lizard gear have been set to their proper level requirements (5, 10, and 20, respectively, and Lizard Machete: 25). Syriet Ore has been added to Arch Caves 4, along with Syriet smelting. Syriet randomly spawns on the ground in Arch 4. The respawn time for Platina Ore has increased. A critical hit combat message has been added, which displays when you hit a creature for close to your max hit. Changing your avatar now changes all your old avatars in the clan forum. New username restrictions. (Only A-Z, 0-9, space, _ allowed). Platina/Gold Hatchet Smithing levels have been fixed (from level 2.) Silk drops from spiders were made rarer. The Tutorial no longer allows camping. New players now only see
the Help channel until after they complete the Tutorial. Tutorial locations now use the map to move on. Work images were added for Lockpicking and Cooking. An error message was added for non-existing usernames. Whispers for offline users now go through, and can't be used to check if someone is online. The "delete all messages" button will not disappear after switching from send/received messages. Whisper history was fixed to show what you've sent AND received.
- (September 2nd) Fixed Bronze Hatchet and Iron Chainmail Smithing link. Fixed Pirate invasions chat channel (4->6). Items with extra durability will no longer unequip when they "break". Healing now instantly shows in the combat log. Platina Dagger and Short Sword stats raised.
- (September 5th) Striped Red Fish no longer show as "cookable". Clan pages now have a title. Forum navigation links added to the bottom of the page. Pensax map movement links improved. Improved constructing texts for houses/shops. Improved OL 52 and 54 moving. Fixed chainmail, legs, and large helm Smithing levels.
- (September 7th) Fixed: equipping item that you're already wearing causing new item to disappear. Added links to speed up Magic. Added confirmation popup for usage of teleport orbs. Changed critical hit range from 75%+ to 80%+. Timers now count down to 0, rather than simply subtracting a second.
- (September 22nd) Smithed weapon stats tweaked. Removed the instant Farming fail on all crops. Added chance to find fewer crops than you planned. Frozen players' shops will be hidden from now on. Silver Medium Shield armour raised from 9 to 10, Silver Small Shield armour raised from 7 to 9. Inactive accounts who ran a clan will pass on leadership to random clan member upon deletion. If none are found, the clan will be deleted. Fixed: Ignored players whispers would still be shown in whisper history. OL player display tweak.
- (September 27th) Fixed an issue used by some Syrnia fighters to gain more exp/h by skipping the pause between two fights in "fight all creatures". Pause between fighting two creatures reduced from 10+crowding to 10 seconds.
- (October 31st) Halloween 2008: Halloween Witch first appearance.
- (October 7th) Huge amount of minor, and a few of the last serious bugs, fixed. Option added to click "fight all" from the beginning of a single fight.
- (October 8th) Small game tweaks.
- (November 5th) Moderation and Rules Update: The rules were updated to be more accurate and relevant. All past moderation logs have been cleared. Moderators can now send a direct warning to different chat channels when necessary. The moderation team has been expanded again.
- (November 14th) Small game tweaks part 2: electric boogaloo.
- (December 25th) Syrnia Christmas 2008. 24-hour event. This is the first year in which players who sail to Port Party from Eylsian Docks can sail back if done before 23:59. Burning Beach now also had a "Sail to Port Party" link. Random combination chests and invasions are returning, along with sitting on Santa's lap for a gift. A "Dress your own Christmas Tree" competition has been added. What were these? >>> Two new monsters, and new items.


- (January 6th) BlackLoter has become the first player to reach Health level 100.
- (January 8th) Server upgrade.
- (February 10th) Certain players had bugged shops, and other players took advantage and thieved them. (Looking for more info on this one.)
- (February 17th) The Desert Arena Medal Exchange has been added. Players can exchange their Desert Arena Medals for one of 16 new items from the four new Battlemage gear sets. Equites: CL30 | Retiarii: CL50 | Hoplomachi: CL70 | Samnite: CL90. Arena fight frequency has been increased by 25%. The CL 40-150 bracket has been divided into 40-59 and 60-150. At the 12.50 donation level, a Trophy character slot has been added. This 8th slot can contain any item. These items cannot be used, and are still lost upon death. The sole purpose is to have a slot to show off whatever item you may want to. Trophies can be changed in the Options screen.
- (February 22nd) Mod recruitment and focus groups announcement.
- (June 24th) Mod voice brought back for good.
- (July 6th) Removed unintended ability to add html in clan ranks.
- (July 8th) One name change per person added.
- (August 2nd) Official API launched for Syrnia fan sites.
- (August 17th) Added "close shop" ability. Frozen players' shops now close automatically.
- (September 28th) Anasco Island update: Torches were dropped across Syrnia before the update. New combat location, four new quests, new university, Obsidian addition (could be found in Arch, as rare drop from mining Platina at Abydos, and in Outlands), new equipment for cooks and smiths, (cauldron? what for smiths?) new cooking content up to level 165, and fishing content up to level 200, two new forests with new seeds, 60 new items overall, five new orbs, new flower+bouquette, new "working together" event, Anasco speed suit.
- (October 10th) Gamer's Spot added to Forum.
- (October 17th) Official word by M2H on the "Outlands bug" and their response to the situation. This was a lag spike bug. Players would go into the Outlands with one of as many low-value items as they could get and drop them at OL 35. When an unsuspecting player arrived at OL 35, they would have to load all of the item images. This took time, lagging the player out and making them easy prey for PKers.
- (November 11th) TLGrounds.com domain was purchased. (When did TLGrounds officially launch as tl-base?)
- (December 24th) Christmas 2009: Addition of Striped Blue Fish and Snowwoman.


- (January 15th) Second round of focus groups.
- (January 16th) GreatScottie has become the first player to reach Speed 100.
- (March 16th) Kyouji has become the first player to reach 1,000 Total Level.
- (April 23rd) Donators now have the option to toggle reduced bot check frequency.
- (May 11th) Frontpage layout changed from original layout to current layout.
- (May 15th) Battlemage brackets changed to 10-19, 20-29, 30-39, 40-49, 50-59
60-79, 80-200.
- (May 26th) Official Facebook page announcement.
- (July 3rd) Rag has become the first player to reach Fishing level 200.
- (July 17th) (Anyone have more info on this?) Bug that caused some players to lose all of their Woodcutting and Combat experience due to having their accounts renamed.


- (March 5th) Syrnia's Sixth Birthday: Players who had their names changed could change them back. Daily contests, plus a week-long contest. 1500 locked combo chests every 30 minutes. Usual invasions.
- (June 5th) Wes has become the first player to reach Cooking level 200.
- (June 12th) You can now leave the Arena Tent. Trading Posts now allow you to click on inventory items.
- (June 17th) High-orb use on Remer blocked, only Rat, Gnome, and Young Eagle allowed.
- (June 21st) Added inventory ordering. Food in combat is now ordered by HP. Clicking on a player in a town now displays total and combat levels. Cooking in Battlemage disabled.
- (June 24th) Added clan ally feature in options. Clan tags can be added to your personal list of allies. Drunk text no longer appears in Help or Trade chat. Forums and Messages can now be opened in multiple windows.
- (June 26th) A number of players frozen for suspected cheating via a banned script.
- (June 29th) Boats are now ordered fastest-slowest when sailing.
- (July 9th) Frozen players due to suspected scripts returned to the game, with no official explanation of what happened.
- (July 14th) Confirmation of Woodcutting changes: Woodcutting experience increased to make it worth leaving a level 1 forest before level 85. Chests now drop above Unera/Avinin. Carnelian can now be found at Ammon. House inventory now sorted like player inventory. After combat fights, the exp of the trained skill is displayed like all other skills. Players working beside you, but at the bot check screen, no longer affect crowding.
- (August 2nd) Players can now set individual allies under options.
- (August 8th) Removed work images from the Outlands. Group fight timer reduced from 45 seconds + crowding to 30 seconds + crowding.
- (August 14th) Pirates given their own forum category, visible only to Pirates. Battlemage forum thread automatically updates when a player visits the arena. Added Silver mine to Rose Mines. Three new Pirates added: Pegleg, Buccaneer, Hooked Pirate. Chance of Captain Keelhail joining the pirates in the invasion. Pirates overthrowing the captain changed from 1 failed invasion to 4.
- (August 18th) Locked items, raws, and seeds now rank correctly in inventory. Burnts and other useless items dropped to bottom of inventory. Raws now ordered by HP at Cooking locations.
- (August 28th) MADitude has become the first player to reach Mining level 200.
- (October 4th) Payment system replaced, "donations" renamed to Syrnia Premium Points.
- (October 22nd) Aussiebeast has become the first player to reach Farming level 100.
- (November 3rd) HP and raw HP count added below inventory. Total -tt enchantments added under armour/aim/power. Group fight changed, now able to be sent anywhere, not just ports and Arch 4. Group fights show combat level and total hp of creature. Deep Sea Monster capped at level 60 to fight it. Group fights no longer let players join after 50% hp is gone, except Wara and Honu, which are 25%. Lockpicks, Spades, and Tinderboxes now break. Clan Chat is now the default instead of Region Chat. Links no longer filtered due to being too long. Messages header now has "send message" and "contact the game staff". Trick or Treat added during Halloween at Castle Rose and Kanzo. Current events donation option upgraded to display live messages, so you no longer have to relog to see them. Halloween Witch set was completed: Cauldron, Cloak, Broomstick, Skirt, Gloves, Boots, and Black Cat. Witch Hat waw given new image. New Halloween flower: Witches Foxglove + Bouquet, and Poinsettia was given bouquet. Bone tool set added: Cauldron, Fishing Rod, Hammer, Hatchet, Lockpick, Pickaxe, Spade, and Tinderbox. Thrice as durable as Obsidian tools. Five new creatures: Skeletal Hound, Possessed Skeleton, Skeletal Warrior, Canlo Giant Skeleton, Skeleton King.


- (January 7th) Frosty12—the legendary feesherman who is honest, trustworthy, and honest—uploaded the famous "Looking for a good syrnia clan" video to Youtube. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OesuN0BWPPo
- (January 22nd) Links now clickable in clan chat.
- (February 2nd) Clans can now build stockhouses. Clan leader can buy land for 50k gp. Stockhouse permissions added to clans. When land is purchased and permissions are given, players can visit the stockhouse and begin construction. Timer is 180 seconds, regardless of level. Exp and quantity of items added per action changes each level. Add permissions: see SH, add items to, and request items from. Remove permissions: take items instead of requesting. Manage permissions: can approve/decline requests in clan options. All transactions are logged and can be viewed by anyone with manage permissions. Each clan can have one stockhouse per island. Clan leaders can now give others the ability to kick members. Can now use £€ characters in the forum. Arch Cave 4 ore spawns now list how many ores are remaining, and stop working after final one is mined. Eully and Hook markets will now buy gold smithed items.
- (March 12th) Gp can now be added to stockhouses. If you disable chat, there is now a link to "popup" the chat in a new window.
- (August 15th) Thabis timer and exp changed so Fishing and Cooking progresses more sensibly. Crabs now unlock at 160, and Grouper at 180. HP of Thabis fish dropped. Syriet/Obsidian no longer reach min timer at level 200, same as Thabis. Min timer was pushed much further back.
- (October) Syrnia Quest Release.
- (October 30th) New items added for Halloween: Bat, Canna Lucifer, Bouquet of Canna Lucifer, Halloween Creature Summoning Orb, Halloween Group Fight Summoning Orb, Skeletal Horse. New maps: Lost Caves. 6-stage event at each location to progress past each location. Contribution to group event counted toward new quest "Accessing Arch Caves 5" at 1.2* rate. Arch Cave 5: Puranium Ore added. Has random ore spawns (Plat-Pura) blocked by Gamans. Dragons added. Combination chests holding LMC-Sarcs spawn. New quest "Protect the Camp". New quest "Slay the Dragons". Full Puranium smithed set added. Dragon items added. Burnt/Raw/Cooked Platina/Syriet/Obsidian Dragon Meat, Dragon Hides/Scales, and Dragon Combat set created from Hides/Scales. New gems: Lapis, Serendibite, Jade, Ruby, Gamanite, dropped from Fishing, Mining, Woodcutting, Fighting Dragons, Fighting new Gamans, respectively.
- (December 18th) Added Locked icon to locked item images.
- (December 21st) Mayans invaded Syrnia. Players could fight them, and they would drop unique Mayan Ceremonial gear. Players could also find a Mayan calendar while walking.
- (December 24th) Frost Gamans were added, and they gave massive amounts of combat exp.
- (December) Port Party Sailing link broke, and massive amounts of people had to be teleported back to their islands.


- (January 1st) Players who previously changed their names can change them back, or players can request a first-letter capitalization if they had changed their names (on this day ONLY). Aelias has become the first player to reach Woodcutting level 200.
- (January 21st) Trading Update: Safes + Securing the Shop quest.


- (February 6th) Pandike has become the first player to reach Construction level 100.
- (April 11th) Pedro has become the first player to reach Theiving level 100.
- (June 13th) DELGRAD has become the first player to reach Fishing level 300.
- (November 7th) Syrnia data breach. No changed were made to the game, but the thief copied some chat logs and some of the game's peripheral scripts.
- (December ?) NEM's Island game.
- (December 20th) Aussiebeast has become the first player to reach Woodcutting level 300.


- (May 13th) The Legacy of Captain Kidd (Need more info about this.)
- (October ?) Valkyrie and Sam.
- (December ?) Legacy of Eorec Songbreeze.


- (March 12th) Borneo has purchased Syrnia, and M2H is no longer involved with the game in any capacity.
- (April 26th) Bellabell3 has become the first player to reach Attack level 200.
- (May 1st) M2H's Farewell: Celebration of M2H and his creation and work on the game for years, and of our new admin, Borneo. A Gold Ring item was given to Borneo, and a Silver Ring was given to his wife. New items: Gardenia, Gladiola, and Pirate Crimson flowers. M2H Retirement Balloons. Name change policy change: From one per player, to one per player per year.
- (June 19th) Stolo has become the first player to reach 1,500 Total Levels.
- (December 19th) Vaduva has become the first player to reach Cooking level 300.


- (January 1st) Bellabell3 has become the first player to reach Strength level 200.
- (February 6th) Donation system back in place. All previous donation options + some minor upgrades to some returned.
- (May 12th) Wikid has become the first player to reach Smithing level 200.
- (October 22nd) Aussiebeast has become the first player to reach 1 billion experience in a skill (Woodcutting).
- (November 8th) Puranium scaled gamans and Titanium ore have been added to Arch 5. Jotunghul mob has been added to Ogre Town, and Vaiva Elanor mob has been added to Exella Plains.
- (December 24th) Christmas 2017: Five Snow Globe collectible items were added, gained via item collection events throughout Christmas.


- (March 30th) Amber, Garnet, and Diaspore Fabrege Eggs collection events added during Easter.


- (May 31st) The Masters of Magic contest begins. It runs from May 31st until July 24th. Clan "CLEAN" are the winners.
- (June 24th) Leicontis has become the first player to reach Mining level 300.
- (September 3rd) Syrnia reconstruction finished. Staff fully staffed, and news page finally updated after no word for nine years.
- (September 14th) Aussiebeast has become the first player to reach Woodcutting level 400.
- (October 29th) Flower shops tweaks, some missing flowers added. Oxhide Shield and Ivory Staff added to Abydos shop, completing the Abydos Speed set. Long Boat added, faster than Trawler. Bald Eagles invade very rarely and drop Bald Eagle Boots as a very rare Speed item. Special equipment can no longer be silked.
- (October 30th) Mariner's Locker and Mariner's Depths added. Sail from Burning Beach for 1,000gp, or free with a Long Boat. Mariner's Locker has four new fish: Sturgeon, Bone Fish, Coral Fish, Wolf Fish. Mariner's Depths: Lantern Fish, Lantern Squid, Octopus, and Salmon Shark. Maadi/Construction and Trading level training upped to level 80. Sorer Scary Spider and Sorer King Spiders added to Sorer Lair. Some flower images updated (Pirate Crimson, Gladiola, Gardenia).
- (October 30th) Halloween event: New monsters. (What were these?) Spectre Chests added. Blood Assassin NPC added to the game. Rose Gates Serpenthelm Farms event. (Need more info on this.)
- (November 15th) The Battlemage was fixed by the development team and made a return.
- (December 4th) Syrnia received an SSL certificate and became https.
- Digging Update, Pirate Chest/Suit (Dec). Gnome Workshop Event (Dec).


- (January 12th_ Bellabell3 has become the first player to reach Health level 200.
- (February 4th) The Battlemage broke again.
- (February 5th) The Battlemage was temporarily fixed again, but no announcement was made. This cycle continued over the next few months, so it won't be mentioned further.
- (March 4th-5th) Syrnia's 15th Birthday. An apiary has been added to Castle Rose, along with a candlemaker. A "Bake Cake" link was added to Rose Gates. Players can search the apiaries for beeswax to make Candles. 5 Beeswax and 10 gp can be turned in to the candlemaker to make a Candle. 15 Candles and 5 Grain can be used to bake a 15th Birthday Cake. While searching for Beeswax, it can be found in groups of 1-6. There are chances to not find anything at all, chances to find 1 Honeycomb chunk, and chances to find 1 Honeybee. This event was added a few hours before the 00:00 reset into March 5th.
- (March 13th) Tutorial Island was revamped to give new players an updated and better first impression of the game.
- (April 10th Easter 2020: (adding to this)
- (May 20th) Calmere Island was officially launched! (adding to this)


- (January 22nd) St0rmz_ has become the first player to reach Magic Level 100.
- (November 19th) Lodes has become the first player to reach Total Level 1,000 without any individual skills at 100+.


- (January 10th) Stolo has become the first player to reach Total Level 2,000.

Things I don't have years/months for, yet. Some I'm sure I could find but I haven't had time, yet.

Fritsz Youtube Videos (haven't searched yet so you can leave this be probably)
Killing M2H in OLs for Crowns (need the actual dates or at least rough dates)
Jop Attacks (time span)
Mayan Invasions 2012 (need information)
April Fools Events
Masters of Magic Quest (Have the dates, need information about the event.)
Pirate Key/Chest Event (Need more information on the actual event. I have the date now.)
Info about the Three-Stronger Pirates Update + Pirate Weapons
Skeletons as Dino Drops
Battlemage Items Added
Slamyeord Added to Game
Outlands Spam-Hit Fix
Smithed Item Levels Change (from ALL Bronze needing level 10, ALL Iron needing level 20, et cetera...)
-6tt Enchants Added to Game
Massive Script Cheat Debacle (Auto-eat script, scripts being banned)
First player to reach 500 Total Level and when.

If anyone wants to help me date some of these things, or simply add to this with things I might be missing, it would help immensely. I'll update this over time.

Thank you.

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Mr. Addy
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30-01-2020 01:53

Just a few things:

Pirate update (there used to be only the 4 weaker ones but 3 stronger ones were added plus Pirate weapons later removed).

Trading update (safes were added plus the quest : Securing the shops.) - around the 21st of Jan, 2013

Flowers (pirate crimson, Gladiola and Gardenia) old images , now updated.

Skeletons as Dino drops. (10 types)

Pura Gamans, Titanium Ore (added to arch 5) - 8th Nov, 2017

Jotunghul and Vaiva Elanor (added to Ogre town and Exella Plains respectively) - 8th Nov, 2017

Battle Mage Items added to game and Cooking removed from BM. (originally could only get the medals) - Different times for these 2 changes.

Slameyord added to game, (at first only given as reward in BM)

OLs update (used to be able to hit as fast as you could spam click but after update, a 2 second delay between hits was added although it is not perfect

Smithed item levels were changed (all items used to be level based to make and equip i.e: all silver items were level 40 to make and use, but after update all weapons and armour were given their own levels)

-6 tt enchants were added to the game (and boy , did Kyouji love it when that happened as he was only player close to that level at the time)

The massive script cheat debacle - where a bunch of players lost levels due to using an auto eat script and all scripts were banned from use in Syrnia (world chat during this time was AMAZING)

There are many, many more but its a start.

Edited on 30-01-2020 02:07
We should start referring to "Age" as "Levels" because "I'm at level 45" sounds more badass then just being an old person.
Mr Coffee
30-01-2020 05:00

Christmas 2017 - Introduction of Christmas snow globes.
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30-01-2020 11:29

Intro tutorial
You have successfully thieved M2H, but they are not carrying any gold at the moment.
30-01-2020 13:58

Thanks a ton, everyone. If anyone else can date some of the things I have in the list, it would mean a lot.
Dark Nero
30-01-2020 15:15

Announcements has some key items time stamped for you in forums!

a few key ones would be 15-11-19 BattleMage Fix
2008 Webbers Island released, New working images added to the game for specific skills
2009 mod voices return to the game and we see Anasco Island released?

2010 first focus groups started.
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30-01-2020 15:22

Yeah, I'm going through news and announcements when I have time. I started on it last night, but couldn't finish so I wanted to post this in the meantime.
31-01-2020 00:03

Damn, it was 08 or 09 when the first NPC showed up.
It was the Halloween Witch but limited. The concept was the same, pickpocket results not much different. But she gifted these crappy 2D black hats.

They were coded out of the game and the reaction was mixed; 50 love / 50 hate.

I loved it and when she was renewed (think 11/12) she was a star! And we have had NPC's ever since.

If anyone can nail down the years, thanks.

Edit: I am going 09 for appearance, 12 for renewal.

Edited on 31-01-2020 18:33
2]20:08 That_Guy[Drunk]: Rofl! that was either lunacy or a strange form of genius...
31-01-2020 00:41

That's great, Bal. XD Does anybody still have the original black hat image?
10-02-2020 19:23

It would also be cool to have a players history.
For example the first TL 1000, Kyouji, on 16 March 2010
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10-02-2020 21:38

Yes, thank you! I'll be putting big player achievements, too. First 100 in each skill, aussie's 1 bil, et cetera... The players deserve to be celebrated.
10-02-2020 21:54

Pirate crimson, Gladiola and Gardenia were added to the game around May 2016 while the images were updated late 2019.

The Undead Warlock first made an appearance during Halloween 2016 (full warlock suit plus undead crow) (and maybe new flower ??)

Mrs Claus first Christmas was 2018 (full suit plus Puppy claws) as well as new Christmas creatures and lets not forget candy cane items were new this Christmas. (and maybe new flower ??)

The Egg Thief dropped by Easter 2019 (full suit) plus a new mount the Clydesdale.

Combat location drop changes

Between May 2016 and November 2016 these combat locations / creatures drops were changed including drop rates at some places.

Beset Catacombs : Grown food drops added.

Arch 5 Gamans : New drops added including locked items and gems to the 3 Gamans located here (including Lost caves).

Arch 4 Dinos : Skeletons added plus Saurus meat drop amounts increased.

Berian : better drops added.

Thick Jungle : better drops added.

Mordor Cave : worse drops added (like spades and burnts).

Kaldra : unsure if changed ?

Ogre Outpost and City : increased drop rate but drop value decreased, same time as addition of Jotunghuls. (Nov 8th)

Exella Plains : unsure if drops changed here apart from the addition of Vaiva Elanor to this location (Nov 8th)

While Sorer drops didnt change until the addition of Sorer Kings and Scary Spiders late 2019.

Edited on 10-02-2020 22:02
We should start referring to "Age" as "Levels" because "I'm at level 45" sounds more badass then just being an old person.
10-02-2020 22:29

You've been a huge help, Loki. I'm going to get back to you in the future over some possible specifics for things.
Dark Nero
10-02-2020 23:06

Puranium Gamans were added October 8th 2017
God' is nothing more than a construct created by man to inspire fear and promote order.

If you wish to see me struck down, for all these atrocities, use your own hands to do so, not 'God's'.
10-02-2020 23:35

May 31st-july 24th 2019 is the masters of magic contest, clan Clean is the winner.
Proud leader of Squeaky Clean

Our mouths are clean, our hands are dirty!

Fortune favors the bold.
Anarcho FooBear
18-06-2020 07:57

July 1st 2011

The day you all had the displeasure of meeting me for the first time

Edited on 18-06-2020 07:58
[2] 05:58 Twitxhy[*TF*]: stop being poor

[2]14:53 Amr[World]: this is called autism

You have married Marley!
18-06-2020 12:17

Sadly I can't remember the date I hit 100 farming
And I wish I had a screenshot of 15 million wood
Why would I shoot a bloke BANG, then carry him to the bloody car and wizz him off to the hospital at a hundred miles an hour? It defeats the purpose of having shot him in the first place.
18-06-2020 16:31

There was a set minimum number of days of playtime a player had to have achieved before they could actually sit on Santa's lap. (Why was this?)
This was to stop players spoofing their I.P. Creating new characters and sailing to port party, getting gems/seeds from santa, trading with their primary account then creating another account.

(October 17th) Official word by M2H on the "Outlands bug" and their response to the situation. (What was this bug? Anyone know?)
Lag spike bug. Players would go into OL with 1 of as many low value items as they could and drop them at ol35. When you arrived at OL35 you would then have to load all of these images and in the lagg that created you'd be killed while never seeing OL35.

24/12/12 Frost Gamans added as an invasion monster and Jesus they gave out monster EXP.

Edited on 18-06-2020 16:34
I am the Bane and i bring the Pain.

R.I.P murderdoll22
R.I.P Marley

Success has many fathers and failure is an Orphan.

Pain is Temporary Pride is Forever.

18-06-2020 17:12

Thank you a ton, Durin! I'll add these in.
18-06-2020 17:44

Forum -> Mod's Corner -> Concerning the OL Bug Issue

This is the thread containing the info surrounding the OL bug, its a good read and was full of nostalgia with some of the names popping up.
19-06-2020 19:45

06.03.2006 thats march.
DW-HQ launches

May 2006 Kyouji[~SaS~] becomes first player to hit TL500

Ragnarok[~SaS~] First player to hit lvl 100 Cooking 26/10/2007 October
Namrog [Zen] First player to hit lvl 100 Smithing 05/07/2008 July
TheKeeper0fTime First Player to hit Lvl 100 Woodcutting 04/10/2007 October

- (September 27th) Combat bug fixed.

Edited on 21-06-2020 00:33
I am the Bane and i bring the Pain.

R.I.P murderdoll22
R.I.P Marley

Success has many fathers and failure is an Orphan.

Pain is Temporary Pride is Forever.

25-07-2020 09:19

22/07/2020 M2H shows up in the game to check out the new island.
We can only be who we are, no more, no less
06-08-2021 00:11

2]00:10 Mr Tiddles[CFH]: koban masks were added halloween 2007 - skeletons added and skeleton pieces added
[2]00:10 Mr Tiddles[CFH]: that was the only year party island was open on halloween i think
[2]00:10 Pendragon[*TF*]: you're a saint
[2]00:10 Mr Tiddles[CFH]: then xmas collected event was snowballs for snowman... next year snow woman, then decorated xmas tree

for later

Edited on 06-08-2021 00:52
07-08-2021 00:27

April 2012- tim408 first says TIMMEH in TSoH clan chat and has been a member of clan ever since.
"That's What"
14-08-2021 18:01

- (July 30th) Thousands of Rats invaded Remer, double combat experience gained during the invasions.

I remember the great rat war, I have flashbacks of it.
Build a man a fire, and he'll be warm for a day. Set a man on fire, and he'll be warm for the rest of his life.
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