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Forum -> Off-Topic -> Vacation spots, can you help a player out?

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05-01-2020 05:30

Hello Fellow Players.

I am looking into taking a vacation this summer. I can look and browse and read reviews. But, why not put of post out there from this large community to give me ideas, suggestions, and maybe some more insider information.

Long story short, it is all about the weather and the beach. Yes warm climate, and crystal clear sandy beaches. This past September, I was fortunate to be invited to a destination wedding. Now that I experienced all-inclusive, I wont do anything less.

My younger family vacations consisted of cruises and Aruba. While I will not cruise anymore, Aruba became the spot to go. I can find an affordable all inclusive deal in Aruba. As you cannot go wrong with the weather and hands down great beaches. But, it has gotten to commercialized from its yester-years.

So could ya please maybe tell me your spots to vacation, or maybe where you live would make a great vacation spot. I am in the USA, so anything but there will do. Or if you feel like typing you could include whatever made it a great place to visit.

Thanks in advance....
Mr. Addy
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05-01-2020 13:21

I don't think you can do much better than Cancun, there are tons of all inclusive resorts.I have always stayed at the Riu Peninsula Place, its great but there are many others for a lower rate.
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Andy Dufrane
05-01-2020 16:47

Unfortunately you seem into beaches because I would say that Finland has beautiful lakes if you're up for that kind of a feel. It is fabulous weather in the summer for the most part and the people are super friendly.

Cancun I've heard beautiful things about. Along the coast of California has beautiful beaches but again, you don't want to be in the US lol.
05-01-2020 17:44

I would suggest the Dominican Republic - Punta Cana region. Personally, I have never seen so amazing beaches, and I've travel quite a lot to tropical destinations.
06-01-2020 23:54

thanks all, i am looking into all these Ideas! <3
07-01-2020 21:15

negril jamaica is a good spot. you said you don't want to hit usa but i'd say hit Carmel Beach or all the beaches by it. there is no sand world wide like it. super soft feels like your walking on baby powder. i have dozen's more places to go but these are two that should be easily traveled to by you.
07-01-2020 23:39

Unconventional one but I absolutely love visiting North Wales, UK. In particular the island of Anglesey. You've got the stunning Snowdonia national park and beautiful welsh beaches. Plus tonnes of history to the area with the slate museum, porth wen brickworks (a must sea).

Beaches of particular beauty are:
Newborough beach
Red Wharfe Bay
Treadur Bay
Penmon Point

Would need to hire a car to get around though.
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Forum -> Off-Topic -> Vacation spots, can you help a player out?

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